Which is more appropriate for the real estate: saving or investment

شقق للبيع في تركيا: ادخار ام استثمار

You chose Turkey as a destination to buy your property, but you are still confused about what you own, as you do not own the property to save your money and keep your savings or to develop and multiply it?

By reading the last sentence of this article, you will have a clear idea of choosing the right destination based on your stated goals.

In recent years, the real estate sector in Turkey, across all countries of the world, has witnessed developments in line with activities that are directly related to it. These activities have resulted in new concepts and patterns that are mainly related to the way the property is exploited or used.


What is the difference between saving and investing when buying a property in Turkey!


saving money

Any saving or investment in the real estate begins with the purchase process as a necessary first step showing the person’s intention to own. Then the idea develops into savings as the buyer of the property is his only goal is the final use.


Investment is the process of developing savings and expanding the value of its savings by guaranteeing a fixed monthly or annual return for it or even reselling it in the future with a certain profitability increase, in anticipation of its high price in the real estate market in Turkey.


In this case, the foreign investor can rent the property he bought of whatever type, apartments for sale in Turkey or commercial properties. But if he intends to sell it, he can profit greatly after a certain period because real estate prices in Turkey are constantly on the rise.


Real estate investment in Turkey is based on the shortest way to reach the profits gained by choosing to buy real estate by itself and not others, given the certain advantages, it has that guarantee a profitable financial return in the future.


Profitable investment is not limited to a specific type of real estate, but rather includes residential and commercial units and lands of various uses.

The difference between saving and real estate investment expands in the adoption of the idea of investing in large proportions on ready-made properties because it is the fastest to exploit and therefore more feasible in terms of profits. In contrast, real estate saving depends on the need and the potential of the buyer, who often does not care whether the property is ready or still under construction.

How do you guarantee a successful real estate investment in Turkey?

successful real estate investment

Any investment depends on a specific plan to achieve positive results, so what if the investment is a large and important real estate? It needs a smart strategy that guarantees double profits.

In this article, Alhuda Real Estate Investment Company provides you with a set of tips to help you achieve a successful investment when buying apartments for sale in Turkey or any real estate in Turkey. These tips are the result of previous actual experiences of our clients who have achieved profitable benefits in less than a year of investment.

Before investing in real estate in Turkey, you must:

  • You must determine your financial budget with high accuracy before purchasing a property in Turkey so that you do not fall into problems such as debt, and this will make the vision clear in front of you. Make your property according to your financial capabilities.
  • You must know the smallest details about all the vital projects surrounding your projects such as roads, bridges, transportation, airports, malls and others due to their significant impact on raising the price of the property in the future. You should also search carefully about the official statistics related to the Turkish real estate market in terms of the sale and purchase processes without losing sight of anything new from the legal point of view regarding updating the legislative texts that concern investors in the real estate field, especially those materials directed to the foreign investor.
  • Choose new urban areas for investment, which have a promising future, as the location is one of the most important factors that determine the value of the property in the Turkish market.
  • Do not rush to make a decision to buy a property in Turkey, but go for a real estate tour and contact a reliable company such as Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment, which provides you with a set of real estate advice and advise that will help you make the right choice according to the goals you have drawn. It also provides you with after-sales service through which it will save you time to complete all procedures and extract all necessary documents to obtain real estate residence or apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • Make a comprehensive assessment of expected profits and risks.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the nature of real estate investment in Turkey, either by the investor himself or with the help of those familiar with all aspects of the sector, such as professional real estate consultants for Alhuda Real Estate Company in Turkey, with a focus on marketing well for your investment.

In general, between saving and investing, an essential step is to buy a property of any kind. As soon as you take it, this means that you saved your money today and the issue of multiplying it tomorrow depends on you, on your desire, priorities, vision and future goals.


Real estate projects in Turkey are suitable for savings and investment


Alhuda Real Estate company puts at the disposal of its customers' many real estate projects suitable for real estate ownership to save or for investment and multiplying funds.


These real estate projects are distributed among many promising areas in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, and they vary between apartments for sale in Istanbul, apartments for sale in Bursa and apartments for sale in Trabzon, other cities required to own in Turkey intensively.


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