شيلا اسطنبول

In the countryside of Istanbul there is many villages and attractive tourist places of charming nature that enjoy with a calm and pleasant atmosphere far from the noise and hustle of the city and it is suitable for many tourists who love nature and calm .One of the most prominent of these places Sheila  so we advise you to visit it and see its attractive nature 

Sheila village is located in the countryside of Istanbul on the shores of the Black Sea and it occupies the lion's share of the coasts of the Black Sea and is about 120 km from the center of Istanbul. Sheila is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations as it is distinguished by a charming nature and charming beauty   in addition to a mild climate and attractive and pure beaches as there is It has many archaeological and historical sites and popular markets despite its small size , it has a charming view on the Bosphorus

 The village of Sheila includes the Kom-Baba Plateau, which is used by many people for the use of its sands for treatment of many diseases. It is also famous for its weeping rocks, which are a natural spring of water similar to its flowing shedding tears. 

You can enjoy on the coasts of Sheila by sitting on the shores of the Black Sea with golden sands and watching the reflection of golden sunlight on the clear blue sea water in addition to doing many activities such as swimming and fishing, and you can rent one of the boats to take an interesting see trip  where you can discover the landmarks of The town and its historical monuments, in addition to taking memorial photos near the islands that extend on the town's coast

As for the shore of Sheila Village, it is distinguished by its golden sand, clear blue water and charming view, it is one of the clean beaches suitable for swimming and recreation.

Sheila is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey and one of the most famous and prominent landmarks of the town of Sheila

Sheila Lighthouse

Through your visit to the famous Sheila Lighthouse you can see its rich history in the navigation fields and its important role in protecting the shores of the Black Sea and the conduct of trade traffic across the Bosphorus strait over the centuries.

You can stroll around the lighthouse, sit back to relax on a wooden bench around it, or take beautıful pictures of the lighthouse

Plateau and Kom Baba Beach

Kom Baba's curative plateau is considered one of the most important and famous treatment destinations in the town of Sheila in Turkey, where people go to it  for treatment of many diseases through its sands and hot mineral springs, the most famous of which is the source of the crying rocks that flow its water from among the rocks that resemble the flow of human tears

And on the sandy beach of Kom Baba you can sit back, relax and recuperate, as well as enjoy camping nights and various water sports

Sheila Beach

The Turkish town Sheila Or Sheila Istanbul has a series of quiet, clean and shallow beaches at a distance of 60 km from the Black Sea coasts on the beaches of Sheila. You can enjoy the natural scenery, swimming or boat rides to take a fun see trip  . Through lying down or taking a stroll, you can also sit in a restaurant or cafes overlooking the sea to enjoy a delicious meal or sip coffee.

The hidden lake

If you are a fan of calm and relaxation then you cannot visit Sheila Istanbul without visiting the hidden lake, which is one of the most famous landmarks of the town of Sheila, it is the best place to get calm and relaxation away from the city noise and crowds where clear fresh water flows and dense green forests that surround it from all sides. In addition to simple traditional restaurants that give you the experience of an outdoor barbecue

Sheila shopping trip

In the town of Sheila there are many commercial centers and family shopping centers where the goods are distinguished by its own Turkish rural luster and you can take a distinctive shopping tour and buy the most beautiful souvenirs and the beautiful goods for you or take them to your loved one