Smart home concept in Turkey

نظام الشقق الذكية في تركيا

A lot of the Turkish constructive companies are relying on the smart home system lately, where they use the latest technologies in building and designing the houses.

So, with a touch on one button you can control the whole house’s system using a remote control, you can also control everything from outside the house using your computer throughout the internet.

The smart home system includes:

A monitoring and security system.

Door opening by card or finger print

Automatic control of the air conditioners

Speakers in every room

Security cameras

Windows that open and close automatically at day and night

Remote control by SMS

Alert the owner when food is spoiled in the refrigerator

Alert the owner when the plants need water

Automatically turning on or off the air conditioners according to the room temperature

Alert the owner about the arrival of the daily newspaper

Warning about attempts to break into the house

Emergency alert when you are abroad

Call the police and firefighters automatically in case of fire

The smart houses in general don’t differ from regular houses when it comes to the design and construction materials but the difference is that the smart ones needs a stronger base.

These types of houses also provide Luxury and complete security for the owner.

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