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Sultan Ahmet mosque

جامع السلطان احمد في اسطنبول

Sultan Ahmet square is one of the important #touristic_places_in_istanbul as it contains the most remarkable historic monuments in Turkey such as #Hagia Sofia, the #Topkapi palace, and at the other side of the square you can find #Sultan Ahmet mosque.

It is also the favorite area for foreign investors who are interested in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey , especially those who want to #buy_apartments_in_turkey.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque “The Blue Mosque”:

This mosque was built in 1616 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet the first, although many of his assistants didn’t like the idea then and tried to stop the construction of the mosque, because Sultan Ahmet chose to build it using the state money and not the war funds as the previous sultans used to do.

But this mosque that faced all that rejection then is considered today one of the most important historical monuments in the world.

The Blue Mosque has many features which made it one of the most important destination for #tourism_in_turkey, as it has a special location on the Golden Horn Gulf.

The interior design of the mosque holds the city’s spirit with its #Bosphorus strait and seas, as the blue color of the Iznik ceramic tiles dominates the whole place and makes it very charming especially when the sunlight is reflected on it giving the worshipers a peaceful environment to do their prayers.

The architectural design of the mosque combines the Christian and Islamic styles which can be noticed in the canon stained glass of the windows right next to the Arabic and Islamic decoration.

You can’t get to know the city of #Istanbul and recognize its identity if you don’t visit Sultan Ahmet square and mosque.