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The benefits of getting the turkish citizinship

مالذي تعرفه عن ينابيع باموكالي التركية

Safety and stability are first in the humankind seeking. wherever he finds the safety, he will start work about his future without fear or worry from the demolition of all what he already planning to build.

Under the tough circumstances some neighbor countries endure. Small and money holders were looking for a safer destination to transfer their business and establish a stable life, away from the turbulence and wars.

Turkey open its doors for those looking for stability and gain the Turkish citizenship in return according to the resolution the government announced which automatically gives the Turkish citizenship to those who own a #property_in_turkey worth 250 thousand dollar.

But what is the benefits of this resolution? And the Turkish citizenship?

Turkish nationality holders can travel over 80 country without visa.

Gaining the Turkish citizenship, opens new horizontals and opportunities to live in turkey and work in fields not possible for foreigners. Also open a work opportunity in Europe since the Turkish citizen can easily enter the Europe union and get work residency in, while it's not the same for many other citizenships, whom facing difficulties to enter the Europe union.

Also, the Turkish citizen holder can participate in the Turkish election to express his will freely.

And since turkey is a stable & developed country in both economic and political sides. Any investment could easily secure a will paid part of profit in stable and secure working environment.

AlHuda for investment & Real estate development, happy to provide options to our clients, so they can take the decision about the #property_in_turkey can make them eligible to get the Turkish citizenship. In one of the best real estate investment projects, with a very good consideration of being in a vital site. And we do advise them to buy their first #property_in_Istanbul, since it’s the economic capital.

To be mentioned, the resolution been announced officially in 09-18-2018.