افضل الاماكن لتملك شقة في اسطنبول

You may have made the decision regarding buying a property in Turkey during the year 2021, but you are confused and have not yet determined the area in which you will buy, it does not call for all this confusion, in the presence of real estate companies that shorten the way for you and limit the multiplicity of options to what matches your goals and specifications behind buying apartments in Turkey.

Turkey is distinguished by being one of the most beautiful countries, but living in Turkey has turned into a dream that entices many who are dazzled by its striking beauty, strong infrastructure and distinctive architecture.

Turkey is rich in many real estate areas, between the old and the promising newcomers in construction, but it is likely to turn into the largest new city, given the volume of demand for it by the Turks and foreigners who want to buy real estate in Turkey.

Our conversation today will include a description of the most prominent areas for buying real estate in Turkey 2021, suitable for many foreigners' options wishing to buy a property in Turkey or obtain Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment in Turkey.

After reading this article, you will be able to choose the area closest to the specifications you are looking for, and the most suitable for buying real estate in Turkey 2021.

The most important areas for buying a property in Turkey 2021

  • Avcilar
  • Basaksehir
  • Sisli
  • Beylikduzu
  • Esenyurt
  • Basin Express
  • Bahcesehir


Avcilar, which is located in the European section of Istanbul, is one of the best areas that real estate companies seek to invest in. It is known to be a fast growing and prosperous one in addition to its elegant social environment and its location in the middle of Bakirkoy, Beylikduz and Kucukcekmece.

The area of ​​Avcilar has a charming sea view, as it overlooks the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, and the wide areas are distributed in it, where there are parks equipped with children's games and family sessions, and the E-5 highway passes through and there are metro stations Boss, which is the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, linking the European section to the department The Turkish government is building a metro line that connects to the Ispartakule area (the modern part of Avcilar).

There are commercial markets in Avcilar, such as the Marmara Market and the Furniture Market, in addition to the Balikan Mall, so many real estate companies have created important residential projects in Avcilar for its general location, investment atmosphere, and the presence of large lands in it, in addition to its proximity to public transportation and main roads.


Basaksehir is located in the European section of Istanbul in a distinctive area with its advanced infrastructure, modern architecture, and being one of the most vital areas where there are many natural and artificial facilities and its proximity to Istanbul's new airport.

What distinguishes the Basaksehir region is the presence of several means of transport that reach it, such as public and private parties, in addition to the metro line that passes through it and the Marmaray train that connects the continent of Asia with the continent of Europe. The Turkish government is also building the largest tramway line project (Basaksehir train)

In the Basaksehir area there are many commercial markets, one of the most important Mall of Istanbul, in addition to the presence of many governmental and international schools, private and governmental universities, and universities are expected to open, including Ibn Khaldun University in addition to many hospitals and due to its important location, it is witnessing an increasing demand from real estate companies for investment In it .


Sisli, which is located in the European section of Istanbul, is considered one of the tourist and vital areas due to its proximity to Taksim Besiktas and Fatih, Sisli is an important transportation node, as the Hajj Othman subway line and the metro Boss line passes through it in addition to public transport buses and this is what prompted real estate companies to invest In it, where it witnessed a great diversity in residential projects, and there were many towers and residential complexes in it, and the presence of a number of universities increased its importance, its proximity to the sea, tourist and archaeological sites, as well as many commercial markets and malls, the most important of which are the Jawaher Mall and Trump Tower.


Beylikduzu is located in the European section of Istanbul near the Sea of Marmara, which made it enjoy a distinctive view of the sea in addition to its proximity to the E-5 highway in addition to the presence of many universities, malls, restaurants and clubs.

Therefore, it recently witnessed urban development through the construction of many earthquake-resistant residential complexes built according to the latest and most luxurious designs.

Buying a property in Beylikduzu 2021 is a correct urban choice, especially for Arab foreigners, due to the availability of many international schools and hospitals, in addition to charming sea views.


Esenyurt is one of 39 municipalities of the European province of Istanbul, spanning an area of ​​2770 hectares, and located 43.11 square kilometers west of European Istanbul, 49 km from Istanbul Airport, 35 km from the famous Taksim Square, and 28 km from the historical Fatih municipality.

Esenyurt is distinguished by its green spaces and lush gardens, in addition to many projects of modern residential complexes, malls and mineral water centers, as well as one of the most beautiful water cities in Istanbul, "Aqua Club Dolphin".

Esenyurt is considered one of the best areas to live in Turkey and also one of the best areas for buying a property in 2021 due to its being an urban area with great expansion and huge infrastructure in recent years, in addition to its complexes containing the best Istanbul apartments for sale 2021.

Basin Express

Basin Express is located on the European side of Istanbul and precisely in Bagcilar municipality, bordered on the north by the Basaksehir district, the real estate capital of Istanbul, to the south by Ataturk Airport and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and to the east by the Bayrampasa district, and to the west, its borders border both Avcilar and Beylikduzu, and Basin Express gained its name from its strategic location. It is considered an axis connecting the two most important transportation arteries in Istanbul, which are the international lines E-5 and the TEM line.

Basin Express is known for its vital location between the main transportation hubs and major facilities in Istanbul, which made it a favorite destination for many businessmen and employees with middle and high income, since most of the real estate projects in which it is located are safe residential complexes close to economic and financial companies.

Basin Express is very suitable for property in Turkey as it is a financial and business area like what we mentioned previously, and buying a property in Basin Express 2021 is a great investment option.


The strategic location of Bahçeşehir district has prompted officials to race against time to provide it with all the necessary facilities, on top of which is transportation. The centralization of the area between Ataturk airports, which will turn into the third largest beach park in the world, will be called "People's Park" and the new Istanbul airport was an important factor in

establishing a line The metro, which will play an important role in facilitating and speeding up access to it, by reducing it to a few minutes.

In this regard, excavations have recently started for the subway, which will connect Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir, and Esparta Kole to Mahmud Bey, and will also reach the center of Istanbul, precisely, Şişli “Mecidiyeköy” area, with a length of more than 16 km covering 9 stations, which reduces commuting time to 18 minutes. It will also be connected to the Marmaray metro line connecting the European side and the Asian side through a tunnel that passes underground.

Bahçe is considered among the best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2021 due to its green nature, vast area and modern urban facilities.

Turkey is of great importance in the current real estate market in the world and more important during the next ten years at least, if you intend to buy a property outside your country during the year 2021, do not miss the opportunity to buy a property in Turkey, as apartments for sale in Istanbul, for example, occupied a place among the best Apartments for sale in the world increase in profitable returns, achieve profits and buy-in.