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This is the best time to buy a property in Turkey

الوقت المناسب لشراء عقار في تركيا

The idea of real estate investment in Turkey fascinates you a lot, but you do not know the right time and the right destination!

Now, It's the right time to buy a property in Turkey!


As for the method, alhuda real estate in Turkey is your long-term way to choose the best real estate in Turkey and the strongest offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, at the best purchase prices.


Why does buying a property in Turkey suit you perfectly?



The Turkish government did not leave any room for restrictions on foreign investors, as it provided them with all the necessary facilities, starting with the tax incentives that made them distinct from the rest of the countries by their low levels, and also through the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship through owning property or buying a property in Turkey, where the principle contributed Emiratisation for a property valued at $ 250,000 is a great incentive for real estate investment in Turkey.


Government facilities have paid many foreigners to "buy apartments in Turkey," which has transformed some cities, such as Istanbul and Antalya, into urban cities with huge projects based in their entirety on modern residential complexes equipped with high-quality service facilities, as well as skyscraper projects that are widely accepted by businessmen who want to Successful business investments in strategic locations close to major facilities such as airports and transportation networks.


Attractive offers periodically launched by construction companies in Turkey offer long-term payment plans "selling real estate in Turkey in installments" at an acceptable cost to foreign investors compared to the huge real estate projects that qualify Istanbul to become the capital of the world during the next few years.


The development of tourism in Turkey, as it is one of the first tourist destinations in the world because of the volume of demand for it, especially in the tourism seasons, and thus it is a great destination for investors who are looking to make their investments a permanent source of income by purchasing apartments in Turkey and re-renting them to expatriates and vacationers.


The Turkish economy has developed in many fields, especially industry and trade, and it's great efforts to join the European Union, so the investor here finds himself in an economic environment built on solid foundations.


Is buying a property in Turkey a correct decision at this time?


The answer to this question is not related to money only but is based on several factors that have played and play an active role in choosing Turkey as the best destination for real estate investment in the world.


By referring to the recent figures and statistics, the Turkish Statistics Center reported that Turkey had demonstrated great strength and steadfastness in the face of the Corona pandemic by selling more than a million properties during the first half of 2020, which is the difficult number that Turkey was able to achieve compared to the stormy economic crisis that the epidemic left in the whole world.


Returning to the real estate sales statistics in Turkey before the Corona pandemic, that is, during the past year 2019, they recorded an increase of 85% during the first nine months of last year, as the Iraqis alone purchased more than 781 properties in Turkey, followed by the Iranians with 489 properties, then citizens of the Russian Federation with 248 of real estate properties, followed by citizens of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with 214 properties for each of them separately.


Istanbul came at the top of the real estate sales list with 1944 properties, then Antalya, in which 744 properties were sold to foreigners, while Ankara, Bursa, and Yalova achieved good numbers of real estate sales ranging between 239 and 141 housing units.


Is it the moment to buy a property in turkey?



The timing of buying a property in Turkey depends on seizing the right opportunity, as competition increases, offers increase and prices decrease, which depends on:

  • The impact of the season on real estate prices, as the movement of the real estate sale and purchase transactions in Turkey, reaches its peak from the beginning of the spring month until the beginning of the summer, especially concerning old or used property, where most families prefer, for example, to move to a new home in the spring break or in May and June with the beginning The summer vacation, and thus the lack of time for homeowners within the seasons, makes them look for a serious buyer instead of clinging to the prices, as their priority is to move from the old house to settle in the new.
  • In the selling season, the developed companies increase their offers, which leads to an increase in supply and thus lower real estate prices in Turkey automatically, which constitutes the appropriate opportunity to seize it, but without neglecting to be patient in choosing the appropriate apartment or villa, given the many real estate options available to you. In Al-Huda, we advise you to choose a property at the right time, which is usually by the spring season, but this does not mean that you neglect the winter season, as your desired goal of the property may be in the winter season since the less offers to push you to focus more on the property you buy and thus make your selection process easier and faster.
  • The seller's family and personal circumstances, as it is often the sale of many properties for family reasons or in need of financial liquidity, reduce the selling prices of the property in Turkey at times to 20 percent.
  • Those were the most important points that you should focus on when choosing the timing of buying a property in Turkey because of its importance in determining the appropriate time to buy the property, but this does not mean that you are dispensing with experts in the field of real estate who can help you with their advice in choosing the best real estate that does not Its advantages depend on a successful purchase, but rather to a profitable investment, which are the services that Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment provides to its clients of many nationalities.

How do you guarantee buying the best apartments for sale in Turkey?

  • You should not only be satisfied with viewing offers for apartments for sale in Turkey or apartments for sale in Istanbul through various social media, such as videos on YouTube or marketing campaigns on Facebook, but you must make a field visit to see the property in turkey.
  • You must study the area of the real estate project in which the apartment you want to buy is located in terms of infrastructure, the type of apartment you want to own, and all the facilities and services.
  • Look for the apartment built according to international specifications and standards, since the return on sale or rent in this apartment increases over time.
  • Ensure that your apartment is free from construction defects and all kinds of debts, financial matters, foreclosures, taxes, and legal implications.
  • You are using all the previous steps with a real estate agent or reliable real estate company that follows all your actions in buying apartments for sale in Turkey with all transparency, credibility, and diligence.


Are you sure now that it is time to buy the property? It's the time to think about moving to Turkey, invest and double your financial wealth in the most fertile and most successful investment environment, based on the testimony of many clients who will find a certificate of one of them who obtained Turkish citizenship through Alhuda Real Estate.