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The best types of real estate investment in Istanbul

أفضل أنواع الاستثمار العقاري في اسطنبول

#real_estate_investment_in_istanbul has a variety of property options, with high profitability, such as shops and office apartments.

Recently, #Istanbul_commercial_properties have witnessed a large turnout of foreign investors, where some went to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul with office system, and another team went to #buy_in_Istanbul_Europe.

Advantages of owning a Shop in Istanbul:

Buying shops in #Istanbul is the most successful and secure type of real estate investment. This type of investment provides an annual profit return of up to 10% of the property value. The investor continues to earn profit by renting the shop for long terms beyond 20 years.

And as the #properties_prices_in_istanbul continue to rise in general and shop prices in particular, the investor guarantees a safe and profitable investment in the long run.

#Istanbul is considered the economic capital of the country and is a major business center, and thanks to its large population and strategic geographical location, it has become the first destination for local and foreign investors.

In recent years, Istanbul has been very active in the construction of residential projects and large commercial centers.

And as the first business and commercial center in the city Maslak district had the largest share of construction and prosperity.

Most of the construction companies have followed the “Lease Guarantee” system providing the property owner, a multi-year rental guarantee with a high profit return, whether the property is a commercial an office apartment.

An example of this is the ALH.1701 project

Which is located in the #Maslak commercial district in Sariyar area to the north of the ##golden_horn with a view of the #Bosporus_strait and Belgrade forests. The project offers investors who want to buy offices and shops a ten-year rental guarantee with high profit return. In case the investor wants to acquire the #turkish_citizenship by #buying_property_in_Turkey, this project is in accordance with the conditions of citizenship obtaining as well.

If you want to enter the #real_estate_market_in_Turkey and are looking for a successful and safe investment, we recommend that you go to offices and shops for a guaranteed investment and an abundant profit return.