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The Canal of Istanbul... the whole truth

قناة اسطنبول.. المشروع الأكبر في تاريخ تركيا

Recently turkey has witnessed a remarkable development in the economic matters, where it became an important attracting point for foreign investors who are interested in real estate investment and purchasing #apartments_in_istanbul.

And as the economical capital of the country #Istanbul is the first destination for big projects and the huge infrastructural projects of the #turkish_government such as the new Istanbul third airport.

The Turkish government has a great work plan “Turkey 2023” for infrastructural projects in the country and one of these projects is the “Canal of Istanbul”.

The Canal of Istanbul is basically an industrial water channel that will connect the sea of Marmara with the black sea on the European side of Istanbul, the canal will be a 45_50 km long and 25m deep. This project’s cost budget is almost 15 billion dollars.

The aim of constructing this canal is to decrease the load of the #Bosphorus strait and prevent the damages that the oil tanker ships causes in the strait as more than 56 thousand ship passes through the #bosphorus_strait yearly, 10,000 of these ships are oil tankers that transfer 145 million ton of oil.

The digging of the canal path has started in 2017 and ended in the begin of the year 2018. The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Navigation has also contributed in this project with many other institutions such as the ministries of environment, food, agricultural, livestock, power and human sources, in addition to the municipality of Istanbul and administration of collective housing “TOKI” which is affiliated to the Turkish prime ministry.

The Ministry of Transport has designed the path of the canal with the help of a huge number of Turkish and international experts.

The initial plan of the project is ready and the soils that will be produced from the digging of the canal’s path will be used to create industrial islands in the sea of Marmara and also to fill the coal mines.

And by looking to the initial outline of the canal project it is obvious that the canal is not going to affected by the Seismic tsunamis if they ever happened.

When the outline of this project was being prepared the natural factors like wind, storms and deep waves from both Marmara and Black seas were all taken into consideration.

It is worth mentioning that the project of Istanbul’s new canal will have an important role in Turkey’s economic future and be an important project of its time on both local and international sides.

This project will have an enormous effect on the city of Istanbul as it is going to affect the prices of the properties and lands in the city especially the properties that surrounds the canal project.

And for these reasons the investors are heading to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul around the project of Istanbul Canal to take the advantage of the increase of the properties prices when the project is done.