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The charming city of Rize in Turkey

تعرف معنا على سحر الطبيعة التركي في ريزا الخضراء

It is located to the north east of Turkey close to Georgia, it has a coast on the Black sea and it’s 1300 KM away from #Istanbul city.

Rize is one of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey, and it is featured by Tea growing and is considered the first source of Tea in Turkey internally and externally and for this reason it is called the “Tea city”.

Rize’s history:

It was inhabited by Greeks where they lived for centuries, the secret behind the name Rize come from the period of Greek rule and it means the “Beauty of mountains” as the city of Rize is characterized with the big number of ever green mountains.

The Greek rule of the city of Rize lasted for a long time and then, it was ruled by the Byzantines until 1080 AD, when the Seljuk Turks were able to conquer it and annexed to the cities under their control and since that day the city remained under Turkish control.

The touristic sites of Rize:

Ayder Town: the Ayder town is considered one of the most charming natural sites in the city of Rize, and it is characterized by the wide green farms and forests in which Lush trees such as beech and fir can be found. It is attended by local and foreign tourists who are interested in its beautiful nature and want to enjoy its gardens, fields in addition to the Gelin Yolu waterfall which comes from the Ayder mountains and Pour into the sulfur baths in the Ayder Valley.

Rize Citadel: The castle is located on a hill covered with plants and trees.

The castle offers panoramic views of the green town of Rize where you can enjoy a cup of tea in the cafe above the castle and watch Riza from there.

Firtina Deresi River: The river is featured with its pure water and cafes and sports clubs, which allow tourists to enjoy various types of sports in the region.

If you are willing to visit Turkey whether to spend a vacation or to invest and #buy_properties_in_istanbul, you need to go to the city of Rize and spend there an unforgettable vacation in the arms of nature away from today’s stressful lifestyle.