Which is a better property in Turkey: Ready or Under-Construction

Is it better to buy a ready or an under-construction property in Turkey?

The Turkish real estate market is considered one of the best investment options ever, in particular the #real_estate_market_in_Istanbul and there are many types of investment between buying #apartments_in_Istanbul within the projects under construction and #buying_apartments_in_Istanbul ready for housing.

Some foreign investors are in favor of buying ready-to-move in properties and another team prefer to own properties in projects under construction.

In this article, we review the advantages of both ready and under construction properties, so that you can determine your optimal options before starting your #investment_in_Turkey.

Advantages of buying a ready Property in Istanbul:

Many foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul prefer to buy in ready-to-move in projects due to several reasons, including:

You can receive the apartment and move to the housing after signing the contract and make the first payment in case of purchase in installments.

When you visit the project, you can see the apartment and preview it on the ground, so what you see is what you buy.

As for the title deed, it is ready and the property is registered in your name in the Registry Department.

In case you want to put the apartment for rent and benefit from the profitable return to it you can rent it immediately after receipt.

Advantages of buying an under-construction property in Istanbul:

When buying a #property_in_Istanbul for investing purposes, it is advisable to move towards the projects under construction because of the investment value that increases over time and progress in the construction stages.

Also, the profitability is high when the construction is completed and in case of resale.

In the projects under construction, there are many options available in terms of location, floor, area and view, and you can make as much adjustments as you need to get the property that suit you.

The price of the property under construction is cheaper than the ready property and offers the possibility of installments with flexible payment plans with higher discount rates on cash payment.

If the purpose of the purchase is to acquire the #Turkish_citizenship, then buying a property under construction is considered a good option because one of the conditions for acquiring citizenship is that the property should not be resold until three years later. Here, the investor can exploit this condition until the completion of construction work, and resale the property and achieve high profits of between 35-45% of the value of the property.

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