The first Turkish-made electric car ... The first achievements of the Turkish industry this year:

The first Turkish-made electric car ... The first achievements of the Turkish industry this year:

اول سيارة كهربائية تركية الصنع... اول انجازات قطاع الصناعة التركي لهذا العام:

The industry sector in Turkey is considered one of the most important foundations of the country's economy, as industry comes second after agriculture in relation to Turkish exports

The labor force in industry in Turkey is 26.2%, and the industrial contribution to the country's GDP is estimated at 27.7%.

Among the most important Turkish industries, we mention the automotive industry, the multi-unit industry, shipbuilding, defense mechanisms industry, steel and iron industry, in addition to the science and technology industries.

In general, factories are distributed in Turkey in large areas in Istanbul, the region surrounding the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean coast around Izmir, Adana Basin, and the region around Ankara, and these factories contribute to a high percentage of the country's total production.

TOGG the first Turkish-made electric car:

The industry of the first Turkish-made electric car was announced in Turkey on January 2 of this year, to be Turkey's first achievements for 2020 and a new step towards Turkey 2023, which the government plans through raising the country's economy and increase Turkish industry and imports to enter within the strongest economies of the world where it belongs.

The TOGG was unveiled at an official ceremony held in Kocaeli, near Istanbul, in the presence and supervision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said during the ceremony: “Today, we are witnessing a historic day to realize Turkey's 60-year dream.” He added that more than 100 Turkish engineers worked on the project, and said: "We do not buy a license or permission from anyone, we define all the technical features by ourselves."

He added that making this car represents a move that he said would fulfill the dream of the country's long-standing visitors.

Erdogan stressed that Turkey will deter all efforts that prevent the production of its own car. "They were able to hinder the production of the first domestic car in Turkey, but they will not be able to hinder this car," he added.

As it is mentioned that Turkey had previously tried to produce its own car in 1961 and it would have been called Devrim, which means in Turkish language (the revolution), but it did not go beyond the prototype stage.

On the same occasion, Erdogan added: "Turkey is not just a market for new technologies, but it has become a country that develops, produces and exports them all over the world."

He also stated that the first car factory in Turkey would be opened in Gemlik district in the northwestern province of Bursa. He added that the car "will not pollute the environment by working with zero-emission technology." As the car will be electric.

Erdogan also noted that when moving to serial production of the car in 2022, Turkey would produce the first non-traditional sports utility vehicle in Europe. He stressed that the infrastructure for charging the local car in Turkey will be fully ready by 2022.

The two models, which were unveiled last Friday, are red and white, indicating the colors of the country's official flag.

It is worth noting that the development of this car started almost two years ago, with the cooperation of five industry giants in Turkey, namely the Anatolian Group, the Cook Group, the telecommunications company Turkcell, and Zorlu Holding, in addition to the organization that brings it (the Federation of Chambers and Commodity Exchange in Turkey).

Turkey has amassed 750 million Turkish liras (over $ 126 million) to finance innovation and local development, according to the country's Minister of Industry and Technology (Mustafa Varanak).

It is also expected that this electric car will be the first of its kind in Turkey, in the first five models that produce 175,000 units annually.

In the same context, the official Turkish Anatolia Agency stated that this car received great attention locally and globally, and the pioneers of social networking sites explained that the publication of the video clip of the car at 19.23 local time, is only a reference to 1923, which is the date of the declaration of the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

The first image from inside the car was also published on Twitter by the official account of the manufacturing company at 14.53 hours, which was interpreted by users of social networking sites also as a reference to the year 1453, which was the opening of Istanbul, by the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II.


It is worth noting that President Erdogan led a model of this car last week in the Gebze region of the city of Kocaeli in northwestern Turkey.