The future of tourism in Turkey

The future of tourism in Turkey after Corona

السياحة في تركيا

It is a country that can be able to overcome crisis, manage them and even get out of them more powerful than before.


With these words, the CEO of the Turkish-German airline, Sun Express, has described the future of tourism in Turkey after the time of Corona, which Turkey passed a month ago, thanks to its effective and flexible policy in dealing with transitional crises, whatever their severity.


Max Kownatzki, CEO of the airline, "Sun Express", said that tourism in Turkey will know a remarkable recovery from the effects of the Corona pandemic without the slightest suspicion, stressing that it will emerge from the battle of this global crisis, winning and ready to receive the masses of tourists who yearn to visit the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, being the best area in the world to relax after a quarantine period.


Max said in his talk about tourism in Turkey after the crisis of Corona that : "Turkey has the full right to be proud of offering a wide range of tourism options, its strong and distinctive tourism industry and its wonderful infrastructure and natural resources, in addition to the hospitality and spaciousness of its citizens, customs and traditions. 


Tourism in Turkey, the achievements


During the year 2019, Turkey maintained the sixth rank in the world in terms of the most attractive tourist destinations for visitors as it received about 50 million tourists, with revenues of approximately $ 35 billion, an increase of 17% compared to 2018, and Turkey was eligible to receive 52 million tourists by the end of 2020 if the Corona crisis didn’t emerge and its repercussions on the world's aviation, as Turkey aims to reach the threshold of 70 million tourists by 2023, which marks the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.


Returning to normal life in Turkey, the authorities, headed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, began revitalizing the sector, either by setting up a program for "Safe Tourism in Turkey" and imposing possession of a health certificate by all tourist establishments or by providing facilities to the owners of various service institutions.

In this regard, the main nerve accompanying tourism in Turkey, "Aviation", has returned to activity by resuming the conduct of domestic and international flights in conjunction with easing travel restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic throughout the world. For example, Sun Express restarted its flights from Izmir and Antalya, as well as international flights from Ankara. Since the return of the first flights in Turkey, it has been evident how much the tourists missed Turkey as various tourist agencies are full of reservations.


Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the Turkish authorities have cleared their goals in a transparent manner, as they have cooperated with experts from different countries, such as the European Union and America, to implement all measures, safety rules and procedures aimed at providing global health standards during flights for travelers to and from Turkey.


Specialists believe that the economic recovery in the world will take some time after the Corona, but it will be easy for the countries that prepared for it from the beginning, similar to Turkey, which was the first to provide a safe and healthy travel environment, with excellent quality and reasonable price, which will enable it to get some advantages from the Corona crisis. 


It should be noted that travel requests from Europe to Turkey are still strong due to the large presence of the Turkish community there and also the desires of European tourists, especially the Russians and Germans, to visit Turkey to spend the post-quarantine period.


The demand for trips to Turkey is likely to increase further once all the pandemic chapters and travel restrictions are completed given the appreciation of tourists from all over the world towards the charming tourist destinations in Istanbul, golden Antalya beaches, green Trabzon and Izmir.