Turkey has welcomed 25 thousand visitors during Eid vacation | Alhuda

The glass terrace of Incekaya canyon in Turkey has welcomed 25 thousand visitors during the Eid vacation

شرفة وادي إينجه كايا الزجاجية استقبلت 25 ألف زائر خلال عطلة العيد

The Incekaya canyon’s terrace is considered one of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey which is attended by tourists as it has one of the most charming natural views.

During the last holiday which was Eid Aladha the number of people who have visited this site has reached 25 thousand. The Incekaya terrace is located at the province of Karabuk to the north of Turkey, this terrace was built 11m above the canyon and it’s built to be able to bear heavy weights up to 25 Ton.

The manager of the sponsor company of the Incekaya terrace “ Nurettin Bahceci” has stated to the Anatolia agency that the terrace has welcomed the mentioned number of visitors during Eid Aladha and that the number of tourists who have came to it in general has increased in the last few years.

He has also pointed to the fact that this site is considered one of the most important touristic site in the west of the Black sea and which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

It worth mentioning as well the fact that Incekaya terrace is located near the historical houses of Karabuk which were selected in the list of World Heritage List of the United Nations.