The government guarantee for properties in Turkey ... 360 degree of protection

The government guarantee for properties in Turkey ... 360 degree of protection

الضمان الحكومي للعقار في تركيا 360 درجة من الحماية


Looking for a building quality, reliability in the construction and safety of legal procedures?

This means that you only trust what is official!

This confirms that you are a successful investor, looking for real estate projects with government guarantees.

Such inquiries have increased noticeably in recent times by the  clients of Al-Huda company for Real Estate Investment and Development, where the majority of questions centered on real estate projects guaranteed by the Turkish government and how they differ from other projects in terms of characteristics and features, so we had to go deeper into the topic through an article that we recommend you to read carefully and focus because of its importance for foreigners who want to invest in real estate in Turkey or those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul, Trabzon, Antalya or other Turkish cities.

What is the meaning of government guarantee for the properties in Turkey?

Projects in Turkey differ according to the construction companies charged with their construction.

If they were established on the basis of a partnership between the public sector and the private sector, this means that they are real estate projects with a government guarantee, which is known in the global system of countries with the joint sector in the real estate field.

The government guarantee projects are constructed under a partnership contract that brings together construction companies affiliated to the presidency of the Turkish Cabinet and private companies that are carefully selected according to their market reputation, experience and the quality of their projects.

The partnership contract is based on an agreement through which government construction companies provide a plot of land "owned by the state" to private construction companies that are entrusted with the task of construction, that is, the overall implementation of the housing project within specific and set deadlines.

Learn about the guarantees provided by government projects:

The Turkish government takes care to strictly monitor the real estate projects it sponsors by ensuring the right of the buyer or investor in all stages of the real estate project by:

Follow-up to the pre-sale stage by examining all licenses extracted by the construction company to implement the housing project.

Checking all promotional and marketing advertisements for the project by the construction company in order to avoid giving the investor any inaccuracies that are not related to what is present in the real estate project in progress.

Field inspection of model apartments in sales offices before project launch by real estate experts accredited by the Turkish government.

Guaranteeing all foreign investor rights by following all sales procedures.

Attestation of contracts for the purchase of apartments offered for sale by the notary, which guarantees you ownership directly by the Turkish government.

Ensure that all sales contracts are translated by a government certified translator.

Transferring all financial payments or installments directly to the government bank accounts, ensuring the reliability of the most sensitive procedure for investors wishing to own a property in Turkey.

Payments shall not be transferred to construction companies until after the completion of the construction of the entire residential project.

The Turkish government shall guarantee the transfer of the sums paid by the foreign investor in installments to the construction companies, provided that the project is finally completed.

Projects with government guarantees: leadership and excellence

Government projects have special features that make them a leader in applications for those who want to own property for housing or investment alike, most notably:

Combining the finest construction properties in the public and private sector.

Building quality, construction reliability and safety of legal procedures.

Elegance and modernity in the interior and exterior engineering design of real estate projects.

No cheating in finishes.

Security against any possible risks in delivery and authorization.

Protection from project default or bankruptcy, as government guarantees refute these concerns.

Ensure that the project is delivered with the required or agreed upon specifications in the future.

The allocation of distinct and most vital areas to government projects in many neighborhoods.

The prices of government projects are well studied in the market and are moderate, but they usually create a balance in the real estate market, especially when the exchange rate falls.

Providing government projects, often, with special services that the state constructs, such as hospitals, mosques, schools, and sports recreational clubs.

Al Huda company for Real Estate Investment and Development site contains many real estate projects with a government guarantee in strategic areas of Istanbul, including what has been accomplished and is still being completed.

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