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The green Bursa

بورصة الخضراء

The city of Bursa in Turkey is known for its beautiful nature, where it has both charming green forests side by side with the high mountains beside the sea of Marmara.

It was named green Bursa because of its outstanding nature, and today it is a favorite destination for tourists from across the world.

When you visit Bursa the first thing you need to do there is to ride the chairlift, and what makes it more special is the fact that it is 9 km long right above the Uludağ mountains, which makes it the longest chairlift in the world.

Bursa is also featured with its fresh springs which flow from the top of its hills and mountains creating a breathtaking view.

The city also has many parks and gardens, that’s in addition to the magnificent lakes which surround it. Bursa has a great historical heritage as well where in it many important historical monuments can be found.