The main factors for buying an apartment in Istanbul

The main factors for buying an apartment in Istanbul

العوامل الاساسية لشراء شقة في اسطنبول

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey, you need to be careful and accurate , by following  some advice and basic factors when you want to buy an apartment, and you need to study the real estate market carefully to get the best options

Among the most important factors that you must follow when buying an apartment in Istanbul.

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The appropriate geographical location

Talking about geographical locations differs according to the type of investment, so if the apartment that you want to buy is for the purpose of housing, it must be close to your workplace and close to the schools where your children study.

In addition to its proximity to public transportation, and its area and number of rooms must be appropriate for the number of your family and their ages, and that be sure of two directions, if it is looking to the north, then it will be dark and you will not see the sun and it will not be suitable for housing. 

It is better to choose an apartment where the sun enters it  with large windows that help take advantage of the sunlight.

If the apartment is for investment, it should be in a location that attracts tenants, such as its proximity to the city center, tourist and archeological sites, and shopping centers, in addition to its proximity to transportation.

The surrounding environment and its views

You must be fully aware of the environment and location of the apartment that you want to buy, as the surrounding environment has an important role, such as containing gardens and playgrounds for children's play.

 The reputation of the place also has importance, such as the apartment being in a quiet and upscale neighborhood.

 As for its view , choose a distinctive view of green gardens or a lake window,or either the view is closed because there is another building on the side of it , you should be aware of these important things

Legal status of the apartment

You have to make sure that a seller is the real owner of the apartment that you want to buy , and that there is no owner or other buyer , through a copy of the contract  , and reviewing the Real Estate Department to make sure of the information contained in the bond. 

And it is identical to the information in the real estate registry, and you should verify that the apartment sold is the same as the one for sale by examining the apartment in reality.  

You should make sure that there are no reservation signs or restrictions on the apartment that you want to buy, such as mortgage signals that prevent the sale of the apartment, and here you must do a review of the Real Estate Registry Directorate to ensure the integrity of the apartment.

You should check that there are no taxes on the apartment and what type of property is it residential or commercial and if it is commercial you must ensure that the procedures for transferring it to your real estate are completed correctly.

Finally, you should officially follow the process of moving the apartment and register it with your name in the Real Estate Department in the real estate registry.

The right budget

You must study your budget well so that you do not fall into debt and financial problems  if you purchase it by installment. You should also know the best and most appropriate time to buy by following the indicators and real estate statistics.

Residential neighborhood features and infrastructure

One of the most important features that must be available in the area where you want to buy an apartment is that it is far from the sources of annoyance , such that the residents of the neighborhood love calm and that the apartment is not on the main street and the existence of a line for transportation and that there are no commercial stores on the ground floor.

You also have to check the quality of the electrical, sanitary and heating and gas extensions. You can ask if there is a parking garage for construction and test the elevator if your apartment is on the high floors, as well as the emergency exit.

Build quality and finishes

You must check with the construction company about the quality of the materials used in the building and also the finishes used in the apartment that you are about to buy.

Quality of supplies

You should also make sure of the quality of the electrical and sanitary installations, heating and gas installations, and you can ask if there is a parking lot for construction and test the elevator if your apartment is on high floors, as well as test the emergency exit.

Distribute rooms

You have to take into account the way the rooms are distributed inside the apartment, villa, or house. As one of the most important details that Al Huda reminds its customers about is how the rooms are distributed inside the apartment.

Humidity and ventilation in the project

Pay attention to humidity, ventilation, and lighting, as three basic points before purchasing a property in Turkey. As the problem of humidity increases in general on the ground floors for basements, while the ventilation is good and the humidity is almost non-existent on the upper floors. 

Most of the residential complexes in Istanbul are distinguished by their apartments located in areas that reach the sun from all directions.

In general, the real estate tour enables the customer, accompanied by Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment experts, to closely examine the extent to which the apartment is free of moisture, which is often apparent on the surfaces and walls in the event of their presence, especially in the winter season.

But if the investor buys a property in the summer, it is difficult for him to know the matter, but by making sure that there is ample lighting for long hours during the day and also large ventilation, the investor has avoided it.

Earthquake resistance


In general, all modern real estate projects in Turkey, especially earthquake resistance, are taken into account, but you always have to ask about the extent to which construction takes into account the earthquake-resistance feature, which is available in modern residential complexes that take into account international quality standards in construction and services.