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The market of #real_estate_in_turkey

معلومات عقارية يجب أن تطلع عليها

The market of #real_estate_in_turkey is considered the favorite destination for foreign investors especially those who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul as the country's economic capital.

Before you purchase any property, you need to know the title deed’s type that suits your demands and evaluate the property.

So, in this article we are going to enlighten you with some important information about property ownership and title deeds in Turkey:

What’re the differences between title deeds and the court decision?

The importance about title deeds is the fact that it records and evaluate the property as it is with official real estate records.

In some cases the property’s records don’t match it in real life, for example the property may be a residential building but recorded as an empty land, in such cases the property won’t be legal and the buyer’s rights won’t be guaranteed and he may need to go to the court to prove his ownership of the property.

In this matter we need to draw our customers’ attention to an important matter, when you see an advertisement about how to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul with very low prices you need to make sure that these type of adds are not fake and won’t leave you with an illegal property.

We at Alhuda company for real estate investment and development are keen to satisfy our customers and protect them from scam purchasing processes, that’s why we provide for them the best real estate projects in #Istanbul city which consists of sophisticated and luxuries residences which are built and done according to the legal standards to guarantee the buyer’s rights and legal ownership of the property, and in the case of the under construction projects we make sure that the buyer gets an ownership title which reserve his rights of the property when the construction is completed.