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The metrobus the fastest transportation in the whole city of Istanbul

وسائل النقل السريع... الميترو بوس عصب اسطنبول

The metrobus is considered one of the most important transportations in the city of Istanbul. Its line extends on 50 km distance connecting the Asian side of the city with its European side, from Kadiköy throughout the #Bosporus_bridge and the Golden Horn right to the last station of its 45 stations which is Beylikduzu.

The metrobus was first put into work in 2007, everyday more than 300 buses move with an almost 4000 journeys.

And it is considered Istanbul’s main cord where many of its stations are meeting points between it and other types of transportations like the Metro and the Tramway, and this makes it easier for passengers to move fast between the city’s different areas.

The 45 stations of the metrobus were modernly designed to facilitate the passengers’ daily movements, as they were equipped with lifts and electric stairs in addition to free Wi-Fi and mobile charging services inside every bus.

The city of Istanbul is known as a very crowded city and that’s because it attracts locals from other cities to work or study in it, in addition to the fact that Istanbul has the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey which makes it the favorite destination for tourists, that’s in addition to its importance as a real estate investing center where foreign investors attend it to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul with both its sides the Asian and the European.

And many of these investors prefer to buy or to own properties that are close to the metrobus stations for an easier movement in the city for them.

Alhuda company for real estate investment and development, provides 140 residential and investing projects in Istanbul in vital sites close to the Metrobus and Metro stations.

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