The most famous museums in Ankara, the icon of civilization and history

The most famous museums in Ankara, the icon of civilization and history

اشهر المتاحف في انقرة ايقونة الحضارة والتاريخ

Turkey is a country of civilization, beauty, and ancient history. It is a destination for tourists from all over the world. Turkey is famous for its culture and history, which has acquired it through the ages and civilizations which has passed through it, and the empires which it was established in it. 

Ankara is the capital of the Turkish state, one of the most important and famous tourist cities in Turkey after the city of Istanbul, it includes many tourist places and monuments and historical.

The city of Ankara is famous for its historical sites and monuments, and it is the first city for lovers of relics and history. Where there are historical and archaeological museums that tell its history, civilizations and cultures that have passed through it, and the empires that founded in it.

The most famous and most important historical museums in the city of Ankara:

Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara is one of the most important tourist and historical museums in the world, located in the town of Altin dag in the centre of Ankara, located at the south-eastern of the outer wall of the Ankara Citadel.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara displays many rare archaeological and historical artefacts dating back to the ancient and multiple civilizations that inhabited Anatolia, where you can see the relics of the ancient and modern Stone Age, the Kalolite period, the Hittite civilization, the Orarto civilization and many other civilizations that passed over area Anatolia.

In the museum there are a group of antiquities dating back to modern stone and bronze ages. The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is one of the richest and most ancient museums in the world.

Ulucanlar Prison Museum

The Ulucanlar Prison Museum in Ankara in the Altindag Region, it is the first museum of its kind in Turkey, the Ulucanlar prison was built in the early years of the founding of the Turkish state, the goal of its establishment was to rehabilitate the prisoners, but it did not achieve its goal. His goal was turn into a prison to torture and abuse prisoners, as the prison witnessed many executions, and many poets, writers, thinkers and politicians were imprisoned there.

In 2006 it was converted into a museum that contains many pictures and documents of prisoners. There is also a library for books written by prisoners inside the prison. During your tour between the rooms, you will hear some recorded sounds of torture to imagine what was happening with high accuracy.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Ankara, one of the most famous museums in Ankara was founded in the era of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish state, the museum consists of 5 sections

The museum contains more than 100 examples of extinct plant and animal species. It also contains fossils and includes about 6500 fossil materials display and dinosaur structures in addition to rock samples from moon stone,and many meteorites.

Altin Koy The Open-Air Museum   

The AltinKoy Museum in Ankara in the AltinDag region, Altin Koy Museum is considered one of the largest and most beautiful open and natural museums.  

The museum was designed in a way that simulates the rural life of the Anatolian region before 100 years ago in nature not in figures, as it displays the rural life using the equipment and objects that were found in the Turkish villages in the thirties and forties and fifties of the last century.


The AltinKoy Museum extends over a distance of 500 acres, forming a complete village, including old houses, mosques, windmills, water, and fields of wheat, vegetables, and fruits, in addition to all kinds of animals such as cows, sheep, horses, and other animals.