buying real estate in Turkey 2020

What are the most famous nationalities buying real estate in Turkey 2020?

شراء عقارات في تركيا2020

The statistics of monthly purchase processes numbers of property in Turkey has become a tradition to the Turkish Statistics Authority which has revealed the percentage of sales of property in Turkey of the residential type during the month of February 2020, which was estimated at 4005 apartments, registering an increase of 20.6% compared to the same month last year 2019.


Buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, again occupied the first rank in the percentage of residential properties that were sold to foreigners with 1987 apartments. Antalya's properties came second with 805 apartments, while at third came the country's capital, Ankara, by selling 256 apartments and 131 apartments were also sold in Yalova state during February, followed by the Bursa province, which achieved sales of 131 apartments.


Buying property in Istanbul is considered the most popular by foreigners due to the volume of real estate projects that are being built continuously in Istanbul as it has the largest number of infrastructure projects, transportation network and major facilities such as Istanbul Water Canal, the new airport and Valley of life.


These are the nationalities that bought property in Turkey the most during February


The Iranians achieved a surprising number again in February and took the lead in the list of purchase processes of property in Turkey, where they bought 721 apartments among 4005 apartments, thus proving their great desire to own property in Turkey, especially with the economic conditions, political crises and recent economic decisions issued in Tehran.

The citizens of Iran bought apartments for sale in Istanbul primarily, as most investors considered that the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020 were the most suitable prices for them compared to other European capitals.


Iraqis who remained for years in the lead retreated in this February with one rank, occupying the second position, but with a sales number that is very close to the first rank, as they bought 691 apartments, most of them apartments for sale in Istanbul 2020, followed by the Russians who bought 282 apartments, while the Afghans advanced to the fourth rank with the purchase of 256 apartments, while the Jordanians ranked fifth, as they bought 141 apartments, with huge demand for buying property in Istanbul.


Reasons that make these nationalities buy property in Turkey


The countries mentioned in the first paragraph meet on the fact that Turkey is the best country in which real estate can be invested in not to mention the facility of obtaining the Turkish passport at the present time.


In addition to Turkey’s strong economy, distinct nature and strategic location, but certainly there are other reasons that are determined according to the different nationalities which are related to the environment and the circumstances of the country itself, for example, the Iranians live on the impact of difficult economic decisions, US sanctions, including the issue of transferring money abroad for a large commission, which makes them flee to Turkey as a private safe haven with Ankara's decision to reduce the proportion of real estate investment in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship to 250 thousand dollars only, which doubled the opportunities for the Iranians to obtain dual citizenship, in addition to the ability to transfer money flexibly and without the need to resort to devious or illegal methods to bypass difficult government decisions.


The Iraqis, in turn, bought property in Turkey because of the escalating political crisis in the country and the consequent deterioration of the security situation, so investors became thinking of a country that saves their savings and doubles their money, and they found in Turkey, which is close to Iraqi cultures, a strong alternative to living, investing and acquiring Turkish citizenship.


And the Russians during the last ten years headed toward the Turkish real estate market as an alternative to the European countries where prices rise twice as compared to the prices of property in Turkey and in particular the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020 in addition to their desire to enjoy the warm Turkish climate, which is almost nonexistent in Russia, Also, the strong demand for Russian tourists to Turkey due to the low cost of airline tickets and their fascination with its beauty, especially the city of Antalya, Then it turned into a desire for final stability due to the low cost of living in it compared to Russia, and some of them chose real estate investment in Turkey - Antalya by renting tourist residences with distinctive urban design and charming views or resale in seasons where the prices of apartments in Turkey are high.


In their turn, Afghans in recent years are competing with the Russians and Arabs in the Turkish real estate market by purchasing the largest number of property in Turkey, most of them prefer offers for buying property in Istanbul.


This is due to several reasons, most notably the security situation in their country, in addition to the aspiration of investors to save their money and properties away from the great tensions witnessed by the country and the instability that has affected the economic environment and the investment world greatly and made them think about taking the real estate sector as the shortest path to how to obtain the Turkish passport and benefit from List of countless benefits for Turkish citizenship.


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