The most Famous Tourist Attraction in Istanbul Asia

The most Famous Tourist Attraction in Istanbul Asia

اشهر المعالم السياحية في اسطنبول الاسيوية

Istanbul city in Turkey is one of the most important and most beautiful Turkish cities in the world and one of the first tourist destinations in the world with both its European and Asian divisions, as it is considered the link between the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe

Asian Istanbul is famous for its tourist and archaeological areas, where many ancient and historical places in addition to its charming nature scenes.

Asian Istanbul is also characterized by its calmness and the spread of green spaces in it, in addition to its tourist places that attract tourists from all over the world.

The most important and famous tourist attractions in Asian Istanbul 

Brides’ Hill (Çamlıca )

The brides’ hill is located in the Asian Istanbul, it is the highest hill of hills that surround the city of Istanbul, the brides’ hill is characterized by its charming views of Istanbul.

brides’ hill is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, Asia, because of its gardens and green forests, and charming views of Istanbul, with its European and Asian sides.

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire The brides’ hill was a royal recreational park because of its scenic view and calm atmosphere

Beyler bey  Palace

Beyler Bey Palace is one of the most beautiful and most important historical palaces in Asia Istanbul, it is located on the Bosphorus strait in the Escudar region, built by Sultan Abdul Aziz as it was used as a resort for the Ottoman Sultans, and a palace for the hospitality of leaders and kings. Among the most famous figures that were hosted by the Palace  Beyler Bey , Queen of France Eugenie and the Emperor of Austria, in addition to the Crown Prince of Italy, it was the last residence of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, in which he lived until his death

The Palace of Beyler Bey   is distinguished by its architectural design, where it appears more attractive when viewed from the Bosphorus Bridge. The Garden of the Palace of Beyler Bey is also known for its limestone columns and rock sculptures that attract attention.

Girl's tower

The girl's tower in Istanbul, Asia, is one of the most important tourist attractions. It is located inside the water of the Bosphorus in its majestic form and is about 200 meters from the coast of the Escudar region, where it can be reached by a pleasant cruise in the waters of the Bosphorus.

The girl's tower is a stone tower built on a small island at the entrance of the Bosphorus strait. The tower has many stories, stories and puzzles about its construction.

The girl tower is a historical legacy added to the record of Istanbul, which is full of monuments and historical attractions

The uses of the tower have changed over time as it was used to collect taxes from merchant ships, a beacon and radio station, and then to a charitable institution, and in our time, it was invested from a restaurant.

Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street in Asian Istanbul, , in Kady Koy, one of the most famous and oldest tourist streets in the Asian Istanbul, where its importance compares to Istiklal Street, which is located on the European side of Istanbul.

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, as it was linking Constantinople to Anatolia. Baghdad Street was called by this name to celebrate the annexation of Baghdad to the Ottoman Empire.

Baghdad Street has a long history where the street residents were of the wealthy class during the days of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The remains of the old palaces, most of which have been converted to restaurants or stores, are still witness on the history of this street.

Baghdad Istanbul Street extends on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature


As for the shops, Baghdad Street includes the most famous international brands, in addition to shopping centres and a group of high-end Istanbul markets