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The most important construction companies in Turkey

تعرف على أهم الشركات الإنشائية في تركيا

Istanbul, the capital of tourism and economy, is the largest Turkish city and the eighth most populous city in the world. Thanks to its important geographical location on the continents of Europe and Asia, the ancient city has become an economic attraction for local and foreign investors.

Also, the trade and industry sectors have flourished especially the market of #real_estate_in_Istanbul which has witnessed a large activity and due to foreign investors' intentions to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul, construction companies have intensified their work on constructing more huge residential projects, where the registered number of projects under construction in Istanbul has reached 2000 projects in the European and Asian sections of the city.

Turkish Construction Companies:

Construction companies acquire their importance and fame through their work and projects, in addition to several factors that make the projects of the companies the focus of interest of investors who want to own #properties_in_Istanbul, including:

The commitment of the construction company to the designs approved for the construction of the project, and the model of apartments to be offered to investors who wish to purchase the project while it is under construction.

The use of high-quality materials in construction works is in accordance with the conditions imposed by the state, because the quality of materials makes the construction more durable and resistant.

Adherence to the deadline for the delivery of the project, it should be noted that the #Turkish_government allows construction companies a period of delay of three months for each year, due to weather factors that may make it difficult to work and lead to delay.

Innovation in design and uniqueness, where construction companies compete by offering unique modern designs with wonderful building models that fascinate the viewer.

The quality of the finishing, so if it’s done with high quality in the project, which means the investor will admire it and is likely to buy in the project itself.

The most important government construction companies:

Toki Company:

It is a government company to build housing projects, the company offers its projects that work on a long-term strategy aimed at providing housing for the middle and low income, through an integrated partnership with the private sector. The possibility of installment for long years between 10-15 years.

Toki also selects important strategic sites for the construction of its projects, and the project is built according to the best conditions with high quality finishes.

Emlak Konut Company:

It is one of the largest real estate developers in Turkey, and it is affiliated to the Turkish Urban Development Department and is considered the hand of the state.

The company tries to take action based on consumer needs, and seeks to advance and develop by purchasing and rebuilding land in promising areas. The capital of the company is about 3.8 billion TL.

Between 2003 and 2017, the company established about 130,000 housing units distributed over 132 projects, which is a huge number compared to other companies.

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