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The most important governmental and private universities in Turkey

أهم الجامعات الحكومية والخاصة في تركيا

Turkey is considered today one of the favorite destinations for Arabs in general, whether as natural and exploration loving tourists or as business men and investors who are looking for #apartments_for_sale_in_Istanbul. It is also intended by Arab students who wants to study in the #Turkish_universities.

We are going to preview with you a brief about the most important governmental and private universities in turkey.

Istanbul university:

Istanbul university is considered as one of the oldest universities in Turkey, where it was constructed in 1453 AD which is the same year when Fatih Sultan first took over the city of Istanbul.

The university was enlarged and repaired and was developed throughout the years. Istanbul university contains a lot of faculties and buildings scattered in the city of Istanbul but its main building is located at the center of the city in Beyazit.

It includes the faculties of (political science, law, media, science, medicine, pharmacy, literature and social sciences, engineering, business management).

And of its most known graduates the former Turkish president Abdullah Gul AND the Nobel prize awarded writer Orhan Pamuk.

Middle East Technique university:

It is located in #Ankara the capital of Turkey, this university takes the lead position in the fields of scientific and engineering researches in both Turkey and the Middle East.

Its educational program is specialized in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. the official language in this university is English.

Bosphore university:

This university is located at Istanbul in Bebek on the European side of the city and it is considered one of the #best_governmental_universities_in_Turkey.

It was constructed in 1863 AD, and it has an English architectural design.

Its educational program includes the faculties of (Arts, Science, Literature and languages, economy and Administrative sciences, engineering and Applied Specializations).

It also has high institutes such as (biological engineering institute and Applied Sciences institute)

Istanbul Kültür university:

It was established in 1997 AD, and it is a private Turkish university located in Atakoy area.

The official languages at this university are both Turkish and English. The university includes 7 faculties which are literature and law, economy, education, Architecte in addition to the faculties of Arts and design.

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