The most important parks in Bursa

The most important parks in Bursa

اهم الحدائق في مدينة بورصة

The city of Bursa in Turkey is considered one of the most important Turkish tourist cities, and it was also called Bursa Green, due to its beautiful green gardens, wide parks and green spaces spread in it. It is considered an attractive center for nature lovers and tranquility. It was considered the first capital of the Ottoman Empire

The city of Bursa is located between Istanbul and Ankara on the Sea of ​​Marmara from the north and is considered the second destination for tourists after Istanbul, where the city of Bursa is famous for the  talafurik, which is the longest in the world and one of the tourist places of nature also the snowy mountain Uludag which contains a ski center

The gardens in Bursa

There are many parks of great nature in Bursa, the most famous of which are:

Cultural Park (KüLTüR PARKI)

The cultural park is one of the most beautiful parks in Bursa and it is the first entertainment destination in the city, located in the center of Bursa and it is characterized by an artificial lake in which several water games are held in it  and contains many cafes and restaurants that are characterized by its wonderful atmosphere among the trees and flowers in addition to an open theater which in it held many of cultural events, as well as there is an amusement park (LUNA PARK)


Botanic Garden or Flower Garden, which is one of the most famous and largest parks in the city of Bursa, because of its breadth and richness in charming landscapes that attract tourists extending about 350 thousand square meters of green natural areas where the garden contains about 8000 trees of different types in addition to about 90,000 shrubs as there are more Of the 5500 roses of several types of roses, in which there are many patterns for international gardens, such as the English, French and Japanese Garden. There are also many recreational activities in the park where there are some educational places where different research is held on plants and flowers. In the center of the water pool, there are many water sports and you can enjoy a delicious meal in the famous restaurant

Finally  you can take a tour of bicycles and enjoy watching the various flowers and trees

Attractive park in Bursa (KAPLIKAYA CAZİBE MERKEZİ)

Attractive park is one of the favorite recreatıonal places for a family outing in Bursa. The park is a large garden, it is one of the favorite places for lovers of calm and natural landscapes, and the park includes many recreational activities where you can enjoy visiting the aquarium, which includes various types of fish, which is a fun place for children. You can also visit the games city that contains recreational games for children, also contains The garden is a fish tank with different types of fish and there is ponds to catch fish in addition to enjoying delicious meals in one of the restaurants spread in the garden


The zoo in Bursa is one of the most beautiful parks in Bursa and it is considered one of the most important and largest animal parks in Turkey, the zoo contains a large number of diverse and different animals from all over the world such as lions, tigers, bears, wolves, foxes and various types of birds in addition to giraffes, monkeys, squirrels and elephants where you can Wandering around  it and enjoying watching the various types of pets, including predators, and the park is a great 


place to go with family and friends and learn about the types of animals you have never seen