Prices of Properties in Istanbul | Al Huda Real Estate

The prices of properties in Istanbul varies according to many different reasons

تتفاوت أسعار العقارات في اسطنبول وفقا لعدة عوامل ومنها

The location: the apartment's location plays a main in determining its price, where the closest properties to the city center have the highest prices, for example apartments close to Taksim square which the center of Istanbul city at our project ALH.1401 provided from Alhuda company for real estate investment and development where the prices in it start from 1384,000 TL for 1+1 apartments with 76 m2 space area.

Facilities and features: the faculties available in the area like universities, schools, shopping centers, parks, transportations and governmental facilities increases the property’s price as well.

The property’s view: for example, apartments with a Sea view are more expensive than apartments with the city view.

The property space area:

The type of the property: (residential-commercial)

The condition and the age of the building: (residence-independent building)