the right property in Istanbul

How to find the right property in Istanbul?

طريقة البحث عن العقارات المناسبة في اسطنبول

The first and the main step of the process of buying a property in Turkey, is searching and finding the property you want which matches your ambitions and budget.


So, we at Alhuda Real Estate are going to help you find the best and the right property in Turkey, as this process goes beyond surfing the real estate projects photos on the internet to visiting them in reality, and requires the advice of experts which we have.


Tips to find the right property in Istanbul


If you’ve decided on buying a property in Turkey, your next step will be searching for the property you want, so below we are going to explain the right and main points to get the perfect deal when buying property in Istanbul:

  • Ensure that all property documents are correct, that means you must carefully examine the title deeds and certificates required in the purchase process, such as earthquake insurance, energy identity documents, and others before purchasing the property.
  • Be realistic during the search process for buying a property in Istanbul, and get a good sight of the prices of apartments in Istanbul until you find what matches your budget, thus seeking the help of the experts i.e a reliable real estate company in Turkey is a necessity to avoid any kind of fraud, as good agents help you know the real prices and the value of the property before buying.
  • Avoid buying old properties in Istanbul as it often does not contain the necessary and required documents such as energy identity and earthquake insurance in addition to defects in finishing and design, which often requires modification to obtain a luxurious finishing with an expensive budget added to the purchase expenses.
  • The transportation network: The proximity to all types of transportation is the biggest positive point that increases the demands on the property in case it is purchased for investment. For example, if you decide to put your apartment for rent in the future, try to buy an apartment that has this feature.
  • Pay attention to the property’s space area: this preference varies according to taste, need and expense, as the area of ​​the property must be chosen according to purpose, and spacious apartments are often very popular with families and tourists in general if you intend to put the property for rent.
  • The view: as properties with the sea, forest, and open views get more demand to be rented, in case the aim of buying the property is for investment
  • Building standards: Make sure that the apartment that you buy is subject to all specifications of modern construction on the standards of security, luxury, and quality, as they make you live in comfort and luxury.
  • Decoration: Make sure that the decoration of your apartment, furniture, and kitchen are of high quality, as the interior features increase the percentage of your profits.
  • Services: Provide your apartment with several additional services such as the Internet, because these little details increase the financial value of your property in case you want to rent it.


If you intend to achieve high financial returns through real estate investment in Turkey, we advise you to follow these steps and take into account the points mentioned above, as it is an easy and fast way for a promising and guaranteed investment.