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The special atmosphere of Ramadan

أجواء شهر رمضان في تركيا

The holy month of Ramadan in Turkey has a special spirit and atmosphere. As the Turks consider it an occasion to celebrate and gather. The mosques are decorated as well for the holy month where the Taraweeh prayer is held throughout the month.

The streets in all the Turkish cities hosts the group Iftar tables in the local squares, in addition to the “Pazar” street markets which are opened in the cities’ neighborhoods for the whole month in which you can find Islamic books, kids toy and food booths.

And one of the oldest traditions of Ramadan which is still exists in Turkey

The “Musaharati” Who roams around the city’s neighborhoods with his drum to awaken the people for the Sahor meal.

In the month of Ramadan, you can notice the crowded markets and the local Ramadan tents where families and friends gather to enjoy the holy month’s spirit, where they eat and drink and have special talks until the dawn with the beautiful music of the chanting bands.

It is also worth mentioning that Arabs visits Turkey in the last few nights of Ramadan to participate with the Turks in the celebration activities and spend the “FITIR EID” vacation in the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_turkey.

Others visit Turkey to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul as the month of Ramadan is considered a good season for purchasing #properties_in_turkey , because many companies provide good offers throughout the holy month.