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The tunnel of Marmary, a successful challenge connects the europian and asian sides of Istanbul city

تعرف معنا على نفق مرمراي الواصل بين اسطنبول الآسيوية والأوربية

Istanbul, the charming city, sets on the throne of the time with a mixture of history fragment and Modernity, where woods overlap with neighborhoods and streets, and all been embraced with the sea from everywhere.

Tourists are fund with its nature and ancient sites, while trades and investors come looking for an investment, or #buy_flat_in_istanbul in both Asian and European sides.

And since Istanbul is a touristic and economic destination, Turkish government works on developing the fundamental in continuous basis. Marmaray metro is another one is one of those fundamental projects that managed to connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. 50-meter underground depth under the Bosphorus Strait, the tunnel of Mammary been drilled with total length of 1.4 kilo-meter.

The metro transport the Passengers between the Asian and European sides of city, in a tunnel been considered as the deepest one from its type in the world.

The project started in 2005 and been decided for opening in 2009. But been delayed after the starting of the project because of the discovery of some ancient site during the drilling.

Some of the discoveries are, A Byzantine port from the 4th century holds 30 Byzantine ship and over 40 thousand ancient peace.

The overall cost of the project reached 4 million dollars. The tunnel have 5 stations underground which in respectively are; Kazlıçeşme, Yenikapı , Sirkeci , Üsküdar , and Ayrılık Çeşmesi.

The tunnel been established on a movement Paralleled with Bosphorus movement under the sea of Mammary when there is earthquake the tunnel will be isolated from any contact with the sea water by layer of a special Cement reaches 10 meters of thickness, another safe route been prepared for other scenarios of emergencies like fire and earthquakes.

To be mentioned, the last opening of the Marmaray metro line which connects the area between Jibza and Halkili in Istanbul was in 20019 with a railway length of 76 kilometers, which aim to transport one million passenger per day.

The project of Marmaray been considered as one of the great additions for the city of Istanbul and massive development on the fundamental of the city. Metro lines assist with increasing the value of the real estate markets in the areas the metro reaches. And plays a major role in the facilitation of the rental and resale process.

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