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The Turkish Property Registry Directorate is willing to open offices in Arab countries

مديرية التسجيل العقاري تعتزم فتح مكاتب لها في بلدان عربية

The Property Registry Directorate in Turkey is going to open offices in five different countries including Arab countries.

The general manager of the Property Registry Directorate “Mehmet Zeki Adli” has declared to the “Anatolia Agency” that they are willing to open five offices at Belgium, France and Arab countries.

He also stated that there are five countries were selected to open our offices in it and we are working with them to achieve that.

He added as well that they’ve already opened a sample office at their Embassy in #Berlin three years ago.

And after that he said that they have received many requests from different countries to open offices in their lands as well. So, they’ve intensified their efforts especially after the Presidential Decree which was issued about the same matter, and he also added that they are working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to select the countries in which the offices will be opened.

It worth mentioning the fact that the aim of opening such offices is to provide more facilities for foreign investors who want to buy #properties_in_turkey, where these offices will help them finish a lot of steps of the purchasing process at their countries without the need to travel to Turkey.

This decision came after the big attendance by the foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul and other Turkish cities, where the Turkish real estate market became there first destination.