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Things you may not know about the Bosporus bridge in Istanbul

ما لا تعرفه عن جسر البوسفور في إسطنبول

Istanbul city is famous with its touristic and historical sites which makes it the favorite destination for tourists from around the world.

And #Bosporus_bridge is one of the most #beautiful_tourisic_places_in_istanbul,

Which gives Istanbul its own special charm and contact the city’s two parts the European and the Asian.

The bridge is located on the #Bosporus_strait which contacts the Black sea with the sea of Marmara, the #Bosporus_bridge starts at Ortaköy on the European side and ends at Beylerbey on the Asian side.

The idea of building such a bridge in Istanbul city was put first by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid the second who has always dreamt of contacting the both sides of the city by a bridge and he even made a scheme for it.

But destiny had another plan as this dream of Abdul Hamid didn’t came true until the year 1970 when the #Bosporus_bridge was built and it kept this name until 2016 where it was renamed to become “15 July Martyrs’ bridge”.

The opening ceremony of the bridge was held in the memorial of the establishment of the #Turkish_republic in 29 October 1974, where people were able to get from Europe to Asia by walking for the first time in the history.

The bridge is the seventh longest bridge in the world with 33m wide, 1560m long, 65m above sea level and is positioned on 165m high concrete poles, and its building cost was almost 23 million dollars.

The importance of #Bosporus_bridge comes from the fact that it is one of the main roads which contacts the European to the Asian side of #Istanbul.

Another important fact about this bridge is that the surrounding neighborhoods are considered the foreign investors’ favorite area to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or #villas_in_istanbul with a view on the #Bosporus_bridge and strait as it is the most charming place in #Istanbul which gives this city its unique beauty.