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Things you need to know about Diyarbakir city in Turkey

ما لا تعرفه عن مدينة ديار بكر التركية

On the bank of Tigris river lays the city of Diyarbakir to the east south of #Turkey, this city is a part of the “Euphrates island” which is characterized with the plenty water and rich lands, as two big rivers go across it which are Tigris and Euphrates in addition to their tributaries and branches.

Diyarbakir is located on the dividing line between the Mediterranean and the continental climates which makes its climate dry and hot in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter, snow is a common thing in the city’s winter as well especially between December and March.

In the past this city was called with so many different names like, Amid, Amida, Kara and eventually it was named Diyarbakir, and it used to be an important city for so many civilizations which have ruled throughout the years because Diyarbakir has an important location that contacts Anatolia with Persia, Syria and Iraq.

Today the city is considered a favorite destination for tourists as it has #important_historic_monuments_in_Turkey such as On Gözlü and Malabadi bridges, which were listed on the world heritage list.

Malabadi bridge is found in Silvan and it was constructed in the year 1147 AD on Batman river, this bridge is considered the biggest stone arch in the world with 40m long, 7m wide and 25m high, and on this bridge many movies and Tv series were filmed.

On Gözlü bridge was built in the year 1065 AD by the architecture Yusuf Obaid Oğlu on the period of the Marwanids.

This bridge is 178m long and 5.6m wide and has 10 opened water arches.

These two bridges in Diyarbakir are considered of the #best_touristic_sites_in_turkey .

The city also has many historical mosques such as the Great Mosque, Behram pasha mosque, Iskender pasha mosque and the four-legged minaret.

Diyarbakir also contains many historical churches and museums like the museum of historical ages which includes monuments from the Bronze age to the Ottoman Empire.

If you are thinking of spending your next vacation in Turkey or want to invest in the #real_estate_market_in_turkey and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, you really need to visit the city of Diyarbakir to get the chance to be introduced to its historical legacy and enjoy its beautiful nature.