This is how Corona changed the traditions of buying property in Turkey

This is how Corona changed the traditions of buying property in Turkey

Corona changed the traditions of buying property in Turkey

Until recently, the world was fine. Suddenly, the scales changed, and the Corona pandemic stalked the blue planet country by country and street by street, so people returned to their homes in fear and security.

Yes, the house, the house and the apartment or whatever type of real estate you live in now protects you from "Corona" as your immune fortune from all other types of risks, and from here the importance of real estate ownership is rooted in people's lives and why should they take care while choosing the type of property to be the best technology and in the best architectural areas near health, services and marketing facilities.

However, with the Corona epidemic invading the world, do the same traditions of buying a property remain with investors? Has the culture of real estate consumption in those wishing to own property changed?  Has the balance of the global and Turkish real estate market in particular changed?  And on what basis did you become?

Major global real estate consultancy firms answer these questions in the affirmative, yes there has been a big change in the map of real estate sales in the world, people have shifted from the demand for properties under construction and residential complexes to separate prefabricated houses, but have been buying aggressively the secluded lands outside the cities in Europe since the beginning of the spread of Corona virus in the old continent to avoid any complications caused by the emerging epidemic.

A culture that is almost identical in Turkey, this real estate country par excellence that has witnessed during the past five years an unprecedented rise in the real estate sector, which has become a great financial resource for the Turkish state and the private sector alike, which made successive governments attach great importance to the inclusion of exceptional incentives, the most important of which is to obtain  Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property of 250 thousand US dollars only.

In Turkey, since the beginning of the emergence of the Corona crisis, which it did not reach until recently due to the great precautionary measures taken with the announcement of the Chinese city of Wuhan to register its first cases, since that period began to gradually change the culture of buying a property among the Turks and foreigners who had begun the ownership procedures, as the general trend towards  private homes and land outside the cities, which is what Turkey has known for its charming nature, its magnificent mountains and its green countryside, which attracts millions of tourists annually, similar to Trabzon, Black Sea regions, Mugla, Canakkale and Tekirdag states.

Statistics indicate that the percentage of searching for prefabricated properties, detached houses and plots of land on search engines and Internet platforms increased by 40% during the past month alone.

The attention of most of the investors who were looking for investments within the projects under construction in the heart of the cities was directed to the prefabricated housing away from the city centers, i.e. those areas surrounding Istanbul and its environs.

The various real estate agencies active in Turkey, for their part, confirmed the high demand for private and ready properties outside the cities with the beginning of the impact of the news of the spread of the new Corona virus.

Returning to one month before now, that is, in February 2020, we find that the percentage of sales of property in Turkey amounted to more than four thousand residential properties registered an increase of 20,60% compared to February of 2019, a number that experts describe as excellent in times of crisis, so Turkey is the country that destroyed sales  Record for foreigners over the past ten years, it has managed to withstand Corona and maintain the interest of Arab and foreign investors who firmly believe that it is the best option for saving their capital and doubling it with the steady increase in property prices in all its regions annually.

During the month of February, the Iranians came first in buying properties in Turkey, followed by the Russians, Afghans and Jordanians who made a remarkable leap in the Turkish real estate market by occupying the fourth place.

With the economic and social effects that resulted from the spread of the "Corona" virus, such as the application of home quarantine, the imposition of a state of emergency in many countries, and the freezing of international aviation, ways to buy properties have emerged and spread widely among those who are interested in ownership, as many investors preferred to take advantage of the home quarantine situation in a better choice.  Real estate and wandering between the various projects by default, especially with the huge amount of videos and publications provided by various real estate companies that rely on the best methods of photography, so the real estate comes to the investor while he is at home without the need to travel in addition to the ability to complete all the procedure  without any trouble navigating thanks to the reliable real estate companies that employ a crew of qualified experts and lawyers who accompany all procedures and transactions of purchase of the property and the validity of contracts and safety of certain guarantees.

Buying a property in Turkey online has become the best alternative and the shortest way to not waste time and win the effort until the Corona crisis passes over the world safely.