Property Appraisal Report in Turkey

This is how real estate valuation protects the foreign investor in Turkey from fraud:

التقييم العقاري في تركيا و أهميته بالنسبة للمستثمر

"It is the apartment that I dreamed of, I am very impressed, and I feel a great desire to buy it at all costs."

As a customer, many may advise you to avoid saying this sentence or express your great interest, and even hide your feelings during your real estate tours in Turkey in search of the right type of property for you, inferred in this by stories of investors who have fallen victim to the greed of manipulators in the real estate market in Turkey, where they seize such opportunities to raise their price The real thing is to double or more than the real prices that fall well below the sale price proposed by brokers who deliberately absent some laws in order to accelerate the payment of their commission!

Yes, this may be a reality, but much before today, exactly before the issuance of the Directorate of Real Estate Records and Land Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in Turkey in the month of March of last year that imposed on foreigners to obtain a real estate valuation report during the process of buying or selling properties in Istanbul or Turkey in general, after it was previously restricted only to those wishing to own property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

We at Al-Huda company for Real Estate Investment and development based on the principle of invoking the conscience of the professional will never prevent you from expressing your feelings about the apartment or the commercial store or any type of property and we will not stand as an obstacle to showing you very serious ownership of the property in Turkey, but we guarantee you the legality of all steps and procedures for owning the property, and the most important is the actual price that gives the value of your property, not the high fictional prices that you may encounter from people who are not related to the real estate investment field.

How do we guarantee that you buy your property at the actual price?

The investor’s fascination with the wonderful real estate projects distributed among the most beautiful Turkish cities may cause him to lose sight of several legal affairs that Al Huda Real Estate company ensures by providing and accompanying the client in it from real estate consultations to the goal of ensuring that he gets the full title to the property. Among the most important of these procedures is the real estate evaluation document that contains A detailed report showing the market value of the property according to specific criteria in the circular issued by the General Directorate of Real Estate Records and Land Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on 02/15/2019 under the number 1/2019 which was officially launched on the fourth From March of 2019.

The preparation of the real estate evaluation report takes up to two to 3 days to be delivered without calculating the period of arrival in the mail estimated at times a week. In line with the Turkish law governing the process and the applicable standards globally.

The real estate evaluation report document, which has a validity period of up to three months from the date of approval, consists of:

  • All the data of the title deed and the real estate registry of the property under sale or purchase.
  • Details regarding the location of the property, its address, and the most important nearby transportation leading to it.
  • All data related to the legal procedures of the property.
  • Technical specifications and structural features related to the property, from the space, the decoration, to the design and views.
  • The negative factors that affect the drug.
  • Data on real estate prices similar to the property to be evaluated in the market.
  • Real estate appraisal, i.e. the approximate price of the property being sold or sail, "apartment, villa, store, warehouse, hotel, etc."
  • Accessories and other details.

From now on, as an investor willing to own a property in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey, take off the dress of fear and do not miss the opportunity for you because you no longer need to conceal your admiration of the property that you would like to become your property for fear of falling into the trap of fraud and fraud, express freely with the freedom because the constant update of laws Buying and selling real estate in Turkey is all in the interest of protecting the foreign investor and increasing his investment security from fraud and most importantly the real selling price, away from any forgery or inflating of bills.