This is what you will lose if you do not buy property in Esenyurt as soon as possible

This is what you will lose if you do not buy property in Esenyurt as soon as possible

buy property in Esenyurt

Esenyurt to the west of Istanbul topped the list of more than 20 regions in the Turkish provinces of Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Eskisehir, Antalya, Konya, Kayseri and Gaziantep in terms of volume of home sales for the year 2019 with the sale of about 33 thousand and 194 houses, followed by the "Cankaya" area in the capital Ankara At the rate of 21 thousand and 120 housing units.

How did Esenyurt manage the real estate competition for all the largest regions, and how did it obtain the largest sales share in Turkey?

If Esenyurt is so present, how will the future of real estate investment be?

All these questions we will get to know her answers through an article of Al Huda for Real Estate Company in Turkey.


Esenyurt .. Geographical location and demographic growth

  • Esenyurt is one of the 39 municipalities of the European province of Istanbul covering an area of 2770 hectares.
  • Esenyurt is located 43.11 km west of European Istanbul, 49 km away from Istanbul airport, 35 km away from Taksim Square and 28 km from the historic Fatih municipality.
  • Esenyurt is among the most populated areas, with a population of 891,120, according to the latest official statistics published in 2018.
  • Esenyurt residents are divided into two parts, one comprising a popular area with low prices and the second part is an upscale area that includes residential and commercial towers, gardens, luxury markets and services.


Esenyurt ... the transportation network

  • Among the areas that contain the most types of transportation in Turkey, Esenyurt includes a huge transportation network of taxis, buses of all kinds, and a metrobus that connects European Istanbul to Asian Istanbul and passes through several switch points with the metro and tramway lines.
  • The Esenyurt metro line is opened, which will give a strong impetus to the transportation sector in the region and reduce the time to reach all areas of Istanbul's center in less than 30 minutes.
  • Esenyurt is located between two important roads, the E5 and E80, which makes it between the two largest transportation hubs in Istanbul.


Esenyurt ... the most promising real estate investment

Thanks to the strong transportation network that we talked about above, the modern section of Esenyrut has turned into the most attractive area for Turks and foreign investors, especially Arabs among them, due to the presence of a huge amount of properties and modern residential complexes with good specifications and low prices likely to rise in the future. Below we list all the real estate attractions in the region:

  • The abundance of facilities and the diversity of services that spread everywhere makes life in Esenyurt more attractive, easy and demanding for those looking for a luxury life.
  • The presence of many green spaces and gardens, such as the Martyrs' Garden or the garden of Mehmet Akif Ersoy, in addition to parks and recreational spaces that give Esenyurt a picturesque beauty, as a visitor to the area finds that all modern residential buildings and complexes are surrounded by wonderful green spaces.
  • Esenyurt contains many public and private hospitals, with high quality treatment services that attract patients from all countries of the world, such as the State Hospital, the European Center, and the Esencan Hospital.
  • Many major shopping centers that provide the residents of Esenyurt and the surrounding areas with all the needs. Here we mention, for example, Marmara Park Mall and Torium Mall, which has an ice park for skiing in all seasons of the year.
  • The location of Esenyurt, which is close to the sea and from the marine transportation stations leading to the Princess Islands and the city of Bursa, which increases the desires of it.
  • The presence of several quality schools and universities in the Esenyurt region, which raises the demand for students seeking apartments for rent and the resulting service facilities to meet the needs of university students.
  • The continuous population growth of nearly one million people, which makes the region in constant need of construction and real estate projects.
  • The presence of the Chocolate Museum "2500 square meters", unique in the world, designed with structures and figures of Ottoman figures, cartoon, trees, animals, landscapes and landmarks in Istanbul made of chocolate material, in addition to the fact that the museum allows its visitors to see the stages of chocolate manufacture.
  • The Esenyurt area contains a hot mineral water center containing a closed swimming pool with warm water, children's pools and a section for people with special needs, where its services can be used for free by submitting a document proving housing in the municipality of Esenyurt.
  • Esenyurt contains the most beautiful water cities in Istanbul, "Aqua Club Dolphin", which includes huge swimming pools with water slides of various shapes and cafes overlooking the pools and an amazing hall to see the artistic presentations of dolphins.


The most important luxury real estate projects suitable for investment in the Esenyurt region