The most profitable business ideas in Turkey in 2022

The most profitable business ideas in Turkey in 2022

افكار مشاريع مربحة في تركيا 2022

If you're considering starting a business in Turkey, you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of lucrative opportunities to choose from. 

The automotive sector

The automotive sector is booming in the country, and many people are looking for business ideas that involve cars. You can start an auto parts manufacturing company and sell spare parts or start a grocery delivery service. The demand for automobile parts is steady, and you can even set up a small factory for export. 

Food Truck Business

Another option is to set up a food truck. The tourist industry is growing rapidly, and you can start a food truck business with a small fleet of vehicles and slowly expand as you get more experience.

Medical Services

The Turkish government runs a universal healthcare system, and so the number of hospitals and doctors is increasing. This means that the market for medical services is also increasing. 

Become an Uber Driver

If you're a skilled driver and have a few years of experience, you can become an Uber driver in Turkey. You can even drive your own vehicle. Make sure to get the appropriate training before you start this business, as it will help you earn more money.

Online Business

A successful online business in Turkey may involve establishing a website or a mobile application for customers to purchase products from. In addition, you'll need to partner with local stores, wholesalers, and grocery stores to sell your products. You don't need to be based in Turkey, but you can hire local team members to maintain your mobile app. You can also start a healthcare company in Turkey, which is a highly profitable business idea in Turkey.