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Topkapi palace... the headquarter of the Ottoman Sultans

قصر التوب كابي مقر سلاطين الدولة العثمانيّة

The Topkapi palace is located at the side of the old city of #Istanbul, with a magnifecent view on the #Bosporus_strait and the #golden_horn bay.

It was built by the order of the Ottoman sultan Mehmet Fatih, and behind the walls of this palace the Ottoman ruled one of the most marvelous empires in the world for more than four centuries.

Today the Topkapi palace contains a lot of Sacred monuments, historical documents, archives and Ottoman monuments.

And in it you can find the sword of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh), his foot print and some of his beard’s hairs.

That's why the Topkapi is considered one of the most important and the most attended touristic sites in Turkey.