Tourism in Turkey reaps more profits for national income and greater expectations for 2020:

Tourism in Turkey reaps more profits for national income and greater expectations for 2020:

السياحة في تركيا تحصد المزيد من الارباح للدخل القومي وتوقعات اكبر لعام 2020:

Today, Turkey is among the most attractive countries for tourism around the world, as Turkey and a number of countries in the world are museums on their own, as they embrace historical relics and treasures that tell the most important facts of the history of mankind as a whole, so they have always been icons of beauty and magic, and they will remain

Today,  tourism in Turkey is considered one of the pillars of the Turkish economy, as tourism pumps huge sums to the state budget every year, and tourism has achieved record numbers in 2019 in various fields, as tourists went to it for several reasons, so some of them came to Turkey to get to know this country and some of them were bound by heart to it and decided to have a refuge in it in order to return to it at any time he wanted so we noticed and despite the difficult economic conditions that the country went through, the number of purchases of properties in Turkey by foreigners was large.


Returning to the topic of tourism in Turkey 2019, we would like to stop at the most important stations that this sector witnessed during this period:

The number of foreign tourists who visited Turkey last year exceeded 42 million and 910 thousand tourists.

Where a statement of a famous Turkish tourism company pointed to the improvement and boom witnessed in the Turkish tourism sector in recent years.

The company expected to witness in the current year, 2020, to achieve new records in the number of foreign visitors to Turkey.

The Turkish Minister of Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, had revealed earlier, the most prominent goals of the tourism sector in the framework of a new strategy for 2023 that coincides with the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

Through this strategy, Turkey aims to host 75 million tourists and earn $ 65 billion from the sector in 2023.

Speaking of the records of the tourism sector in Turkey, we must mention that in Istanbul alone, the historical palaces were visited by 1,815,000 tourists during the past year.

In a statement published, the National Palaces Department said that the number of palaces visitors increased by 27 percent over the past year compared to 2018.

The data added that the "Dolmabahce" palace (European side) received one million and 306 thousand visitors, including 915 thousand foreign tourists.

And the Beylerbeyi Palace (Asian part) also received 173,000 visitors, and "Ihlamur '' (in European) 85,000.

On the other hand, we see that Turkey is continuing its efforts to boost the tourism sector, especially the marine tourism sector, as it has begun to implement a solution to the problem of port shortages, especially in Istanbul. After stopping during the past four years, marine tourism began to recover this year in Turkey's largest city, and it is expected that about 80 ships will arrive in Istanbul alone in 2020.


As part of the work to enhance marine tourism, work is under way to build a new cruise port in Yenikapi in Istanbul, in addition to the Galata port project, which is expected to open in March 2020, and studies show that the port can host approximately 500 cruise ships With an average of 4,000 passengers on board, this total could potentially reach two million. With the staff and crew included, the number is expected to be higher. It would revive marine tourism in Istanbul in particular and tourism in Turkey in general

After Istanbul, the city of Antalya ranked next in terms of the number of tourists who came to it during the past year, as the number of foreign tourists coming to the Turkish tourism capital of Antalya increased by 17.14 percent, compared to 2018.

The Directorate of Culture and Tourism in the Antalya Province said in a statement published that the city had received during the past year 5.5 million Russian tourists.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Antalya reached 15,644,108 during the past year.

In turn, the president of the Association of Hotel Managers in Antalya, said that the state set a record in receiving tourists during 2019.

The data of a Turkish tourist company also showed that the number of foreign tourists coming to the country increased by 14.31 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year.

Arabs made up a large proportion of foreign tourists who visited various Turkish cities in the past year and expectations indicate an increase in their numbers in the current year 2020. The data of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism revealed that the number of Moroccan tourists in Turkey last year alone reached 199 thousand tourists.

And the Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper reported in its report that there are expectations that the number of Moroccan tourists in Turkey will reach a record level at the end of this year, "which makes Turkey the third destination for Moroccans after France and Spain."

According to the newspaper, there is no data available from the authorities that sponsor the tourism sector in the Kingdom, about the number of Moroccans who go to Turkey for tourism, but it is clear that travel agencies have become more eager to provide travel offers to that country, in addition to other Asian countries.


It is reported that Turkey has become very attractive to Moroccans, especially young employees and middle-class families, who are tempted to visit that country on the one hand and motivate them to search for better opportunities for life to come and perhaps settle in on the other hand and as a result the numbers of employees and even businessmen from Morocco have increased in Turkey in general, as  Turkey has a suitable environment for establishing their business and stability, and this matter must have had an impact on the sector of real estate in Turkey, as the country witnessed a good movement to buy properties in various Turkish cities by citizens of the Arab Maghreb in general, and this is expected to increase the number of properties purchases This is in the coming years with the comprehensive development plan implemented by the Turkish government, which is supposed to advance the Turkish economy to the ranks of the strongest economies in the world.