Tourist Yachts in Turkey in the presence of the Coronavirus

Tourist Yachts in Turkey in the presence of the Coronavirus

اليخوت التركية

If you have not had the chance to visit Turkey before then, by reading this article you can enjoy a different trip in it by getting to know about  one of the most famous luxury, fun and most requested means of transportation in Turkey by local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer.


The yacht, this means that was used for purely tourism purposes, but after the pandemic has affected all aspects of life and in the first place tourism, the plans of the global system as a whole changed, and governments in various countries searched for the alternative and even people themselves went to different behaviors after imposing quarantine has created new habits that made life very different from what it used to be before the Corona.


By the summer season and the high temperature, the owners of the yachts who live in the various coastal cities in their yachts found them as the best place to spend a quarantine period in the middle of the sea where they have all the necessities of living, comfort and luxury.


Examples of quarantine experiences in yachts in Turkey:


Many harbors witnessed with the emerge of high temperatures in Turkey the launch of yachts towards "quarantine" and touristic trips at the same time started to happen, like the yacht harbor in the "Cesme" area on the coast of Izmir Province in the western Turkey, where the number of people who took their yachts for spending the quarantine and have some quality time with their families was doubled.


Isolation from people and lack of mixing in the crowded streets and places that cause Covid-19 infection have encouraged yachts owners to take a quarantine step in the middle of the sea, which secures the atmosphere of social separation.


Speaking of the coastal city of "Cesme", which overlooks the beautiful Aegean Sea, with its luxurious resorts and picturesque beaches of 50 km long, Yacht owners there tell their experience of the "yacht quarantine” by saying:


Barish from Izmir Province: “I never expected that the world would ever change in this way, but as much as the fear that my family and I lived in the early days of the pandemic spread as much as we found in our little yacht the comfort that we were looking for a long time ago. And I would have never thought of spending a wonderful time like this with my family before .. Sometimes I say between myself and myself Thank you Corona 

Because you made me enjoy the beauty of Izmir and its charming blue sea. "


Omar from Mus who lives in Istanbul also says:

 “Once the public facilities in Istanbul closed its door, I opened the door of my yacht that I had rarely used, and that was the best choice I made in the time of Corona, I avoided mixing with other people, and isolated in the most beautiful and relaxing place, it was really wonderful days. I felt like I had spent the summer vacation season before it even begins "


In addition to the testimonies of Turkish citizens, many European yachts owners are awaiting for the reopening of the maritime borders in order to land on the wonderful beaches of Turkey, especially after the country managed to control the emerging virus and recover from it quickly, exceeding all its counterparts in the Mediterranean.


Statistics indicate that more than 3,500 foreign yachts docked last year on the Turkish coasts, 6% of them were large yachts owned by the wealthy of Europe, who spend during the period of their staying in Turkey for 3 months almost 25 million euros, which equals 194 million Turkish liras.


Yacht manufacturers have confirmed that the local demand for boats and yachts has increased dramatically since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, as the general trend has shifted towards all means that provide independence and isolation and avoid mixing, such as hotels and cruise ships.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that the tourist season in Turkey started at the end of last May with measures that take into consideration social distance and preventive measures, whether in hotels or mixed places, to ensure the right to tourism and at the same time maintain public health after recording a significant decrease in the number of daily injuries and a great control of the pandemic in Turkey.