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Tourists will spend the 2020 holiday in Turkey, this way

Tourists will spend the 2020 holiday in Turkey

Like all countries that witness a heavy tourist flow throughout the year, Turkey knew a temporary stalemate in the sector’s movement early in the year 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic and the accompanying disruption to all areas of life, foremost of which are aviation and transport in all its forms, and this paralysis automatically led to a decline in numbers Tourists in all parts of Turkey since the beginning of last March, but with the start of the pandemic blockade, the authorities responsible for the tourism sector in Turkey decided to push it again and revive it through a number of measures that pave the way for the return of domestic and foreign tourists in the context of security and safety.


What are the measures for tourism in Turkey in the time of Corona?

Once the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced its intention to open the door to receive tourists for the coming season, which is scheduled to start at the end of May, until preparations began in full swing by hotels that usually witness a flock during the summer season, especially in coastal states like Antalya or as it was called the Capital of Tourism in Turkey that Last year alone, it’s received more than 15 million foreign tourists.

Among the instructions issued by the relevant authorities, which all tourist institutions must adhere to to resume tourism activity, we find:

  • The necessity of thorough and accurate sterilization of hotels in order to provide high-quality services for tourists, subject to all conditions of security and health.
  • Sterilization of hotel entrances, reception halls, restaurants, all rooms, swimming pools and sitting rooms.
  • The need to observe the rules of social separation during sterilization and cleaning operations.
  • The necessity of measuring the temperatures of workers in the hotel daily with thermal cameras.
  • The necessity of allocating special rooms in hotels and equipping them with ozone devices to sterilize the guests' bags, before transporting them to the rooms.
  • Removing the buffet sections in restaurants and replacing them with small sections containing hot dishes and surrounded by glass separators to prevent communication between guests.
  • Food and drinks are provided to tourists in one-time dishes, spoons, knives and cups.
  • The waiter should wear the muzzle while providing the service.
  • Observing the distance of one and a half meters between the sunbath chairs in the pools, with the need to sterilize them before and after use.
  • All towels are sterilized and wrapped in plastic bags.
  • Electronic keys cards need to be sterilized for rooms.
  • The necessity of sterilizing all tools contained in hotel rooms before and after use.
  • Sterilize TVs, air conditioners, towels and blankets in the rooms.
  • Continuing sterilization work throughout the period of foreign tourists' presence in the resorts, that is, throughout the tourist season.
  • Install thermal cameras at the main lobbies and entrance staff at hotels and tourist resorts.
  • The need to provide elevator service individually for tourists in hotels and allow mass climbs only for members of the same family.
  • The necessity of placing sterilization packages in the various sections of the hotel and next to the elevators to be accessible to all tourists.

These were the most important measures that the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism ordered by its Minister, Mehmet Ersoy, who confirmed that the hotels authorized to resume work in Turkey and receive the masses of tourists are those that prove that they have certificates that are free of the emerging Coronavirus.

Minister Ersoy urged hotels to replace the open buffet service with an integrated and comprehensive menu of food to ensure the safety of tourists from the pandemic during their stay in Turkey.

In the same context, the Minister of Tourism instructed hotel owners to use half the number of rooms to receive inmates in order to respect the social space between residents, in addition to reducing the number of sun chairs on the beaches in half, with a proposal to provide chalets for living for families in the event that this is available.

The Minister of Tourism emphasized the necessity of tightening control over employees working in hotels, especially with regard to being subjected to a medical examination on a daily basis before commencing work, such as what we mentioned above, with the need to wear masks and gloves and also protective clothing if required in some cases.

These measures also extend to include yachts, restaurants, cafes, all resorts and recreational centers, which in turn witness a great tourist turnout and therefore the need to observe the rules of social separation.

This is expected to resume the tourist season in Turkey at the end of this month in May, especially as the return of flights is expected in next June.

It is noteworthy that many other economic sectors knew exceptional measures in line with the conditions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, headed by a real estate sector in Turkey, as Turkey properties in turn witnessed the conversion of the purchase process of property in Turkey from direct purchase to online purchase by conducting all transactions to own a property in Turkey via the Internet.