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Trade property in istanbul... another sucsessfull investment

هل تريد شراء شقق في إسطنبول للاستثمار

Real estate market in Istanbul is one of the best options to invest in ever, especially in the markets of #properties_in_istanbul,where official reports mentioned that real estate market this year is the foreign investments one. which comes after a group of facilitations Turkish government provided, to enhance the investment process. Starting with granting the possibility of buy via deposits for foreigners, Tax exemption for those, and the new resolution of granting the Turkish citizenship for those who own a property after decreasing the value of the property to 250 thousand dollars to be eligible for the citizenship.

One of the most remarkable types of properties foreign investors interested about is the office-type-flats and the #hotel_type_flat_in_istanbul, since its secure a very high profit. These types of properties are easy to rent with long term contracts since the one who is interested about renting will highly establish his own work office which mean his accommodation will be minimally for couple years, to ensure not losing his clients who already used to the location of the office.

Our customers who are willing to #buy_property_in_Istanbul most notice that the office type flats, must be in strategic vital areas near transportation network, hotels, and trade centres, which will ensure the successful investment of the property.

For those are interested in # hotel_type_flat_in_istanbul, there is multi options could with guarantees from construction companies to secure long term of rental of those apartments, with a very good profit income. Another option is, that investors can have his property managed by a trusted real estate company, another service Alhuda real estate can provide to our clients.

Since Istanbul city already consider 1st class touristic city, which increase the opportunities for continues rental of your property especially for Hotel-type-flats. We would advise our customer to choose their properties in the centre of the city, where services and facilities are excellent with a remarkable overview. Being close from the airport is another encouragement factor.

For those investors looking for high budget projects, we would advise them to pay more attention to under construction projects, where he can buy a land eligible for construction project in one of the nearby areas from general facilities and transportation, so they can start the project from the first steps. Whether they are interested in building a hotel, shopping center, or residential building, all those are very good investment options with high income.