Turkey 2023 ... The rise of an Empire

Turkey 2023 ... The rise of an Empire

تركيا 2023 … مشروع قيامة امبراطورية

About a century ago, our world witnessed a grinding war that not only were the victims of human beings, as countries and empires went into effect, and the features of countries and demographics of entire peoples changed.

After the battles of the First World War ended at the end of the second decade of the twentieth century in 1918 AD, the Allied countries met, which are the victorious party in that war and divided the spoils and imposed their conditions on the countries that suffered the tragic losses, headed by the Ottoman Empire, that great empire that once reached its borders in central Europe and ruled the entire world for hundreds of years

One of the worst things that happened to the Ottoman Empire after the loss of the First World War was the signing of the Treaty of Loss, which is known as the Treaty of Lausanne on July 24, 1923, between Turkey on one hand and the victorious Allies in World War I on the other, and according to which the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and its borders were limited to the Anatolia region, or what we know today as the Turkish Republic

The treaty has several provisions, but the worst was the confiscation of all the money of the Ottoman Empire, 

relinquishing its rights in Sudan and Egypt and relinquishing its sovereignty over Cyprus, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and the Levant.

In addition to considering the Bosporus Strait an international waterway, Turkey has no right to collect any fees from it.

The period of validity of this treaty has been set at 100 years from the moment it was signed, which falls in the next 2023. Perhaps some things have been clarified so far about the importance of this date for Turkey

Turkey 2023 The birth of a modern and powerful Turkey

We all heard and saw the huge advertising campaign launched by the Turkish AK Party, which is headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the current President of the Republic of Turkey, which carried the slogan of Turkey 2023, which was the basis of the electoral program of the party and President Erdogan

So, this history must have become a question mark for many, as many wonders what this year holds for Turkey and even for the world as a whole.

We have previously explained in the article that it is the expiration date of the Treaty of Lausanne, but the importance of the year 2023 does not depend on this matter only, but rather it involves many more and more comprehensive aspects of everything that matters to the country.

The current plan of the Turkish government led by the AK Party lies in rebuilding a strong, modern Turkey that has international weight with an important impact on global issues.

We have all seen the huge infrastructure projects undertaken or launched by the Turkish government that aim to advance Turkey on a solid basis, which is a strong economy that competes with the world's most powerful economies.

And Turkey today is among the Group of Twenty, which is a group that includes the largest economies in the world at all, and the gross national product of Turkey in 2013 reached about one trillion and 100 billion dollars, which equals the GDP of the three most powerful economies in the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Iran, in addition to increasing agricultural, industrial and trade production of free trade by providing a favorable atmosphere for investors, increasing the number of companies and Turkey's conquest of the world market with its products

In the industrial field, Turkey manufactured under the current government the first armored tank, the first air carrier, The first drone and the first modern satellite. 

Turkey was also able to manufacture two nuclear submarines at only $ 60 million, knowing that their price is equal to 300 million dollars, and in ten years 125 universities and 198 were built School and 510 hospitals. 

We do not forget the new Istanbul airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world, which was put in service last year and the Istanbul Canal project and the Turkish torrent, which will give Turkey its need of natural gas and return it with a large income, and let’s not forget that we witnessed with the beginning of this year the detection of the first electric entirely Turkish  Made car.

We also do not forget that with the conclusion of the Treaty of Lausanne, a new sector will appear on the Turkish scene, which is the energy sector, as Turkey will seek to explore its energy resources, which can upset the international economic balance completely, especially as natural gas resources value in the eastern Mediterranean alone is believed to reach about $ 3 trillion.

What does all this mean to you as a foreign investor in Turkey?

Of course, this matter will affect the neighboring countries of Turkey and even the countries of the region as a whole, because as we mentioned, the scales will turn and the economies will rise against another decline.

But the good thing for you, especially as a foreign investor in Turkey, is that your investment will grow and earn much more profits, as it will open up broader horizons for work and investment in Turkey and provide opportunities to work tremendously.

And if we talk about the market of real estate in Turkey in particular, this issue will double the profits of the existing investments and will give foreign investors and property owners in the country a big push towards success and high financial return and even expanding business and increasing profits.