Turkey Citizenship Requirements

These are the most important documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship

 أهم الوثائق المطلوبة للحصول على الجنسية التركية

Acquiring the citizenship of another country provides facilities for the person and more significant opportunities in the various matters of life, work, and the future, all of which are paid to many citizens of countries experiencing conflicts or those that do not.

It provides them with freedom of movement and movement between the countries of the world or even work and investment with more comfort and places that give the businessman or investor with a more substantial base and foundations.

Thanks to the Turkish government's expertise and ability to directly touch the demands of foreign investors, in particular, several laws have been enacted that relate to everything that facilitates obtaining Turkish citizenship.

 For people who can contribute to the reconstruction of the country and return to it with benefits, whether from the pioneers in the scientific or sports fields in addition to investors and families that can contribute to supporting the structure of society. Turkish as a whole and advancing progress in the country

On the other hand, the holder of Turkish citizenship also benefits in many ways. Turkey is a developed country rich in work opportunities and is home to a comfortable, comfortable, and safe life.

It is also a country with a democratic system that supports freedoms in all its forms and gives its citizens a space of freedom to live, express, and even contribute to change for the better.

On the other hand, Turkish citizenship enables its holder to move between the countries of the world with more freedom and freedom and with fewer problems, because the Turkish passport is among the 40 most powerful travel documents around the world, as the holder can enter more than 80 countries without a visa and entry visa upon arrival to more than 40 countries.

The most important documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government issued a decision to grant Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey worth $ 250,000. This decision was issued and published in the Turkish Official Gazette on 9/18/2018.

The decision to grant Turkish citizenship under the purchase of a property includes the property owner and the wife (husband), and citizenship is granted to children under the age of 18.

The application for citizenship is submitted to all family members in the same use, and citizenship is granted to them at the same time.

What are the papers and documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship under the purchase of a property?

  • A copy of the passport, translated at the sworn translator and attested at the notary (valid).
  • Four personal photos (for each family member)
  • A document shows the civil status, the marriage contract, and the children'schildren's birth certificates.
  • Residence permit in Turkey
  • Health certificate
  • A copy of the Turkish residence and the address of one of the acquaintances or relatives in Turkey is any.
  • A document proving the purchase and ownership of the property (tabu papers, the purchase contract registered with the notary)
  • Report of the valuation expert (the evaluation committee is tasked with evaluating the property and evaluating it)
  • A bank document of the remittances that were paid to pay the price of the property through the bank.
  • The investor must bring with him all the above documents to apply for Turkish citizenship.
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As for the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in Turkey, they are:

  • First of all, the property must be evaluated.
  • The buyer then evaluates his property by Turkish companies that are trusted by the Turkish government, and usually, these companies give the evaluation after about three days. The aim of that is to evaluate the real estate price so that it matches the minimum requirement to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • The validity period of evaluation granted by Turkish companies is only three months.
  • Obtaining the title deed or title deed from the Land Registry Office
  • The buyer needs to register his real estate in the Land Registry Department and obtain the Land Registry document. These procedures may require two or three days, where the tax number must be extracted at the beginning. After that, go to the Land Registry Department and register the property legally and officially.
  • Applying for a citizenship application by sending the documents to the Turkish Citizenship Center:
  • The rest of the papers and other documents are prepared, translated, and certified at the Notre Office. They are then delivered to the main office in Ankara, and branch offices have been opened in other cities.
  • After a maximum of two weeks after submitting the papers, the applicant is granted an electronic link through which he can follow the developments of citizenship procedures. He is telephoned to inform him of any progress in the nationality file. The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship since applying takes about four months.
  • After this, the Souls Department issues a Turkish identity card to the applicant, thus becoming a Turkish citizen. The holder of Turkish citizenship can also enjoy the full powers and rights of the Turkish citizen, and he can start the procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport.

Important notes related to the subject of Turkish citizenship who owns a property in Turkey:

  • All members of the applicant applicant's family also obtain citizenship application for the wife and children under the age of 18
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must complete all documents extracted from outside Turkey in the country from which the certificate is issued and from the Turkish embassy or consulate.