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Turkey extends the validity of its visa to 10 years

تركيا تمدد صلاحية تأشيرتها إلى 10 سنوات

The official Turkish newspaper has announced on Tuesday that some amendments have been done on the foreign visa’s validity related laws in Turkey.

According to the amendments, the validity of the foreign visa has been extended from five years to 10 years, and the visa loses its validity in case it wasn’t used in the first 6 months of its issuing date.

Turkey’s visitors can also get the electronic visa upon their arrival to Istanbul airport with the help of 10 devices for this purpose which can be found around the airport, where the tourist or the visitor can pay its fee using a credit card and get the visa immediately.

It's worth mentioning as well the fact that the #Turkish_government is willing to provide more facilities for foreign tourists whether they are visiting Turkey for tourism or investing in general, where Turkey has been the first destination for foreign investors, especially those who are interested in real estate market in Turkey and want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or other Turkish cities.