tourism in Turkey

After a long lockdown, Turkey is back on track of tourism

السياحة في تركيا

After the tourism in Turkey took a little break due to the lockdown, it is back to normal, to welcome the tourists who have missed the beautiful attractions of Istanbul, they missed the wide streets, and the smell of coffee mixed with the smell of Kebab, and all of the charming views and the capturing nature of this unique city the capital of the world.


This country which is rich with its nature, history, civilization and modernity, has refused to give in to the setback of Corona, where as soon as the countdown to the pandemic cases began, until the tourist centers and spas in all parts of Turkey announced their willingness to receive the masses of tourists and visitors.

For its part, the Turkish government launched the "Safe Tourism" system  in Turkey, where it sent about 100 letters to countries around the world regarding its details, which guarantee the foreign tourist to spend a safe holiday taking into account all the rules and precautionary measures to prevent new Corona cases, from the moment of arrival at the airport, passing through staying in hotels and up to the moment he leave Turkey towards his country.


Turkish cities that are ready to welcome 2020 tourists

Many tourist cities in Turkey have finished preparations to receive domestic and international tourists in this special time which made everything different  due to the effects of the Corona virus and the state of terror caused by millions of people, in addition to causing the freeze of air traffic in the world.

But once the resumption of aviation was announced, many Turkish cities launched their program for the summer of 2020 in accordance with the provisions of the Safe Tourism Project launched by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the framework of protecting the local and foreign tourists and ensuring that the pandemic infection was not transmitted to it, and among these cities that were quick to explain their tourism plan and receive visitors we find:



Mugla is one of the Turkish states famous for its tourist, natural and historical landmarks, where many tourists who previously visited call it " paradise on earth" due to its wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, one of the longest coasts of Turkey with an area of ​​more than 1400 km2  interspersed with many ports designated for the docking of yachts of the wealthy Turks, foreigners and well-known businessmen, in addition to this a large number of bays that mix the greenery of nature and the blue of the sea where the tourists can enjoy calm and picturesque views away from the noise of the cities and the noise.

Mugla was the first to resume the movement of tourism in Turkey internally, as many families visited it, after they were impressed by the preventive measures that provided an atmosphere of comfort and reassurance away from the pandemic.



Some Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in Turkey preferred to receive the tourist season by visiting the "Longoz" forests in the northwest of the country, which opened its arms to nature lovers in the framework of a return to normal life, in addition to recording a large influx on the town of "Igneada" in Demirkoy in the state of Kırklareli, which is called the hidden paradise given the size of the beech and oak trees that surround 5 lakes through it there are tracks for lovers of walking and jogging, not to mention a number of wild and rare animals.

The Igneada forest includes over 500 species of plants and hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, mammals and fish.



Among the areas that attracted  local tourists in Turkey once the various facilities were re-opened, the Nimrod volcanic lake which is located in the Tatvan region at an altitude of 2250 meters from the sea level and was classified as the second largest volcanic lake in the world and Turkey, which made it an attraction for many Turkish and foreign tourists who love hot and cold water pools,which has also turned it into a destination for medical tourism in Turkey.

Lake Nimrod also has an icy cave and a steam chimney surrounded by many types of birds, all of this has qualified it to obtain the ideal prize of the distinctive European destinations project "Eden" due to its unique appearance and its charmness for lovers of nature.



Trabzon is one of the charming states that were not year-round free of tourists before the time of Corona, and after a period of freezing, it has strongly returned to embrace the tourists who prefer it to spend the holidays and enjoy their breathtaking views like the "Maçka" area bordering the Black Sea and the witness on the Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations in addition to tourist attractions of more than 50 landmarks dating back 4,000 years.

The preventive measures adopted by the Turkish government within the framework of the Safe Tourism system enabled the return of life to these enchanting tourist areas after the stalemate imposed by the pandemic, which Turkey quickly overcame with its steadfastness and its measures in dealing with it, thus providing an example to be followed in many countries of the world and a unique experience that drew the attention of many