Turkey aims to raise trade exchange with Africa to $100 billion | Alhuda

Turkey is willing to increase the Trade exchange with Africa to 100 billion dollars

تركيا تهدف إلى رفع التبادل التجاري مع أفريقيا إلى 100 مليار دولار

Turkey has been trying to strengthen the bonds with the African countries in both political and economic sectors since the year 2003, throughout increasing the trade exchanges with these countries.

And in the same matter the Turkish ambassador in Tunisia Ömer Faruk Dogan has stated that his country is willing to increase the Trade exchange with #Africa to become 100 billion dollars annually.

This statement was a part of the Turkish ambassador speech which he has delivered during the opening of the African Summit on “entrepreneurship of modern technologies” which was held at the Capital of Tunisia.

Dogan has also cleared during the same event that: the current worth of the Trade exchanges between Turkey and Africa is about 20 billion dollars for a year and it has increased at the beginning of this millennium where this exchange’s worth was 100 million dollars only.

On the other hand, in the last few years Turkey was able to achieve a remarkable leap on the economic sector by increasing the trade exchanges with many countries like Arab, African and European countries.

It has also worked to attract more foreign investment to the country by providing more facilities for the foreign investors, and thanks to such efforts of the #Turkish_government, the #Turkish_economy has witnessed a big and rapid development.