Turkey opens its doors again for tourism

Turkey opens its doors again for tourism after controlling Corona pandemic

انطاليا جنة الأرض

After ending the lockdown and gradually going back to normal life and resuming international flights, Tourism in Turkey revived again as different Turkish cities started to receive tourists from around the world, who were excited to visit the beautiful tourist places in Istanbul and other cities like Trabzon and Antalya.


Dozens of planes are landing daily in Antalya’s airport


The Association of Professional Hotel Managers in Turkey revealed that more than 36 aircraft carrying dozens of tourists from 9 countries around the world have landed in Antalya airports daily since the beginning of this month.


Antalya, which overlooks the Mediterranean and is considered the capital of tourism in Turkey, received more than 27,83 foreign tourists during the first week of July.


Once the tourist movement of foreigners resumed in Turkey in early July, the citizens of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine rushed to Antalya at the south of Turkey.


Where the number of Ukrainian tourists who visited Antalya during one week reached more than 10 thousand tourists.


Turkey's Safe Tourism program to control the Corona pandemic is praised by many


Turkey did not register from the first moments of the return of the tourist movement any complaint regarding the failure of tourist and hotel establishments to respect safety standards and measures to prevent corona infection, where tourists expressed admiration for the services provided by the various hotels and departments.


The Safe Tourism Program in Turkey is based on 150 standards that tourism establishments must consider to ensure healthy tourism during the post-Corona pandemic in Turkey.


And many countries have previously praised the Safe Tourism Program in Turkey, which is considered an original and a suitable program for the returning of tourism after a critical period and psychological pressure experienced by the whole world due to the terrible spread of the pandemic during March and April 2020.

Mugla receives tourists again

In turn, Mugla city, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkey and the incubator of the most beautiful natural and historical sights, received a lot of British tourists.

Where in one day, a plane with 154 British tourists landed at "Dalaman" airport, where they were welcomed by officials of the region, taking into account the necessary preventive measures against Coronavirus.


Mugla was able during June, that is after the life has returned to normal, to receive more than 17 thousand foreign tourists who came to enjoy its scenery and golden beaches.

Mugla includes hundreds of yachts owned by wealthy businessmen, where a visitor can enjoy a dream tour amid the Aegean Sea and the picturesque nature away from the hustle and bustle of cities.


Mugla, which has the longest coast in Turkey, contains more than 105 beaches and 8 moorings that are clean and close to the most prominent landmarks and monuments of the city.


The charming Mugla State has visited annually by 2.5 million British tourists to enjoy its picturesque nature, its distinctive environment, and its charming view of the Aegean Sea with a coastline of more than a thousand and 484 km and its bays and ports equipped to dock the most luxurious yachts. 


It is also worth noting that, in addition to the British, millions of tourists attend Mugla annually, especially from Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany, to enjoy the charm of tourism in Turkey.