Turkey records over 2995 Turkish property sales in February 2021

Turkey records over 2995 Turkish property sales in February 2021

Turkısh property 2021

February witnessed an increase in Turkish property sales to foreigners. More than 3 thousand foreigners bought real estate in Turkey during February 2021.

In today's article, we put in your hands the numbers recorded for real estate sales in Turkey during February 2021. After that, we will analyze the Turkish Statistical Institute data in detail. We will also talk about most of the nationalities that buy the most Turkish property.

More than 3 thousand foreigners bought turkish property during February 2021

According to the figures published by the Turkish Statistics Institute, Turkish property sales to foreigners during the second month of 2021, that is, during February, amounted to 2995 properties in Turkey, an increase of 10.34% compared to the previous month of January.

In this case, 107 foreigners buy real estate in Turkey every day, and 4 to 5 properties are sold almost every hour. House sales to foreigners totaled 5 thousand 639 in January-February, a 28.7 percent decrease from the same time the previous year.

Iranians top buyers

Iranians bought 477 units in Turkey last month, making them the biggest foreign buyer group by nationality. The second nationality is Iraq. Iraq citizens purchased 432 Turkish property followed by Russian with 259, Afghanistan with 230 and Kazakhstan citizens with 119 house sales.

The achieved statistics indicate that Turkey is among the leading countries in the recovery of the real estate sector. Statistics indicate that there is a strong return of foreigners interested in Turkish real estate investment.

According to Akbal, Turkey is now well-organized in terms of robust housing marketing to foreigners. “It is a strong indication that we are now taking the lead in our competition with Europe,” he added.

According to Altan Elmas, president of the Housing Development and Investors Association (KONUTDER), buyers worldwide demonstrate the vitality of the Turkish real estate industry...

“Although the increase in exchange rates harms us, it has a positive impact on sales to foreigners.“ We will discuss a further increase in sales to foreign buyers in next month's data,” Elmas said.

Nonetheless, according to the statistics, overall home sales in Turkey jumped 34.2 per cent year to 1.16 million units from January to September.

During the same period, foreigners bought 26,165 homes in Turkey, a decrease of 18% from 31,925 units in 2019. Sales to international buyers fell to a seven-year low in April.