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Turkey takes the 7th place between the best countries for living and working

تركيا في المركز السابع عالميا كأفضل البلدان للعيش والعمل

According to a questionnaire that was made by the British group HSBC, Turkey has taken the 7th place as one of the best countries for living and working in the world.

The mentioned questionnaire was conducted on more than 18 thousand foreign employees from 163 different countries around the world.

Where the related researches were made about the opportunities which the countries provide for foreign when it comes to living conditions, jobs and the financial return.

And according to this questionnaire 62% of the foreign in Turkey have stated that they are pleased with the quality of the living conditions in it and how it is way much better than what they used to have in their countries.

They've also expressed how comfortable and welcomed they feel between the locals in #Turkey.

In the questionnaire Swissland came in the first place, where Singapore, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia then Turkey came after it in the same mentioned order.

What also worth mentioning in the same matter that the #Turkish_governmnet has tried in the last few years to make some amendment on the laws that are related to the foreign investment to provide more facilities for the foreign investors especially in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey and this kind of factors encourage more attendance by business men and investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city and thinking about settling in it with their families.