Turkish construction companies revolution

Turkish construction companies .. the second largest contracting demand in the world

Turkish construction companies

The international magazine specialized in the construction sector "ENR" ranked Turkey second after China as the best contracting country in the world in a list that included 250 different countries in terms of the global spread of construction companies.

A new record added to the achievements of Turkish construction companies that have embraced several major projects in the world during the past five years.

Achievements that are not limited to abroad only, but are just an extension of distinctive real estate projects at home, made for Turkey a name that has become associated with many offers of apartments for sale Istanbul and the purchase of property in Turkey, where many foreigners visit Turkey specifically for buying property in Istanbul city.

Turkish Contracting .. spread upward

In the latest data provided by the Turkish Ministry of Trade, Turkish contractors have ensured the construction of more than 10 thousand and 100 projects in 125 different countries of the world, bringing the value of the construction projects that the Turks have guaranteed since the beginning of their international opening to nearly 450 billion US dollars.

Turkish construction companies were distributed in the five continents, especially the European continent and the Asian continent, where we find that they led the construction of major residential and commercial construction projects in addition to airports, bridges and various national installations.

The financial returns that Turkey earned from construction companies did not stop at mere construction revenues, but due to the linkage of construction operations with many materials such as cement, steel, iron, and machinery, this strong bonds contributed to the promotion of Turkish exports to countries where real estate projects are being built on its lands.

Although the contracting sector in the world is going through a difficult period during the last two years, Turkish companies were able to represent without them the best representation at the global level, during the past year 2019, they adopted more than 438 projects in many countries of the world through which they achieved more than 18 billion USD.  It is an important figure compared to the returns of foreign projects for the rest of the leading countries in the construction sector globally, which have been relatively affected by the geopolitical developments and challenges facing the economic world.

This figure was achieved until November of last year, an increase at the end of the year and the beginning of 2020.

Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria and the United States of America occupied the top countries that witnessed the largest real estate projects built by Turkish contractors.


What types of real estate projects have the Turks built abroad?

Turkish construction companies did not construct just one type of property abroad, as the projects adopted by Turkish contracting companies distributed in two continents in Europe, Asia and Africa included many types in the forefront:

  • Roads with a value of nearly 3 billion USD.
  • Tunnels and bridges with a financial value of $ 41.4 million for each project.
  • Technical consulting for more than 81 real estate projects in the world with a financial value of 170 million USD.


Why is the world flocking to Turkish construction companies?

Many individuals in the global real estate market agree that Turkish construction companies have gained their reputation and made for them a strong name among their competitors and have received great attention from businessmen and governments who want a reliable and safe real estate investment due to several factors, the most important of which are:

  • High quality construction works.
  • Full commitment by Turkish construction companies to the engineering designs submitted by the offices designed for the project.
  • The use of high-quality building materials commensurate with the nature of the project, such as cement, marble, tiles, iron and glass.
  • The dependence of Turkish enterprises on materials resistant to natural factors and disasters such as rain, earthquakes, snow, etc.
  • Compliance fully with the timetable for construction of the project and speed of implementation.
  • The quality of the final finishes for all real estate projects, whether residential or commercial, or even bridges and tunnels.

The impressive success achieved by Turkish construction companies on the international level is merely an extension of internal success, as Turkey has been able to compete with construction giants in the world and turn into an attractive market for many foreign investors with huge housing and commercial projects and government incentives for those wishing to own a property within its lands.

And the number of processes of buying property in Istanbul apartments or property in Turkey in general, the degree of great turnout at the hands of the Turkish construction, in which many local investors trusted and reached their reputation to investors from different parts of the globe.